How to Introduce Your Kids to the Shower

How to Introduce Your Kids to the Shower A Mum Reviews

How to Introduce Your Kids to the Shower

One minute you want to know how to keep your baby safe in the bathroom, and in the blink of an eye you need some tips on how to best transition your kids from baths to showers. Whatever the reason may be — more independence, a shorter evening routine or moving house, there comes a time when your child may need to use a shower, and at that stage these helpful tips will come in handy.

The shift towards the shower

There is no right or wrong age when it comes to transitioning your kids to the shower. Some may be ready to do so around 5 or 6 while others might need a little more encouragement and won’t be ready till a bit later. There is no rush, you can introduce them to the shower slowly. If you have a bathtub and shower combo, then this is the perfect way to get them used to the shower head and the way it feels on their body. Keep mentioning the shower in a positive way to get them used to the idea, communication is key, you will sense if your child is ready or not.

How to Introduce Your Kids to the Shower A Mum Reviews

Shower preparation

Before you and your child take the plunge and head into the shower, there are a few essential steps that shouldn’t be missed.

  • A non-slip mat is a necessity to prevent them from slipping when in the shower and don’t forget to place a bathmat outside the shower door as well. There are many fun and colourful ones to choose from.
  • Make sure that the temperature is just right. If your shower is difficult to regulate and switches from hot to cold at irregular intervals, then consider sorting the shower situation out before introducing your kids to showering. If you need to update your thermostat, then a shower thermostat from GROHE might just be the answer. It lets you perfectly control the temperature, which is essential when getting your kids used to the shower.
  • Next, get everything ready. It might help to motivate them if you have a little caddy ready for them with their own washcloth, tear-free shampoo, body wash and towel. You could also add a little shower activity to help make the transition more fun, some bath pens can also work in the shower, for example.
  • Ensure that you are always present when they take a shower especially if they are younger than 6 and even if they are older ensure that you aren’t that far away just in case they need your help.
How to Introduce Your Kids to the Shower A Mum Reviews

Keeping clean

Once you have them in the shower it’s time to teach them how to clean and wash themselves. You can guide them through the routine by helping them with the various steps. Start by letting them get their hair wet and then add the shampoo, before rinsing it out. Next up, it’s time to wash, they can do this using their new washcloth and a dollop of body wash. Make sure they wash all areas of the body. You could even have a little step by step guide for them to look at in the bathroom so they can be reminded when they take their next shower.

A leisurely transition from the bath to the shower and a little encouragement will go a long way to motivate your kids to take the first big steps of independence.

| By Joanne Bishop.

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