How To Prepare Your Body for Labour and Birth

How To Prepare Your Body for Labour and Birth A Mum Reviews

How To Prepare Your Body for Labour and Birth

As one quote goes: “A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die.” No one says it is easy but doesn’t even the worst day at work or morning sickness seem worth it when you feel that little kick? And when the baby arrives, even the little blabber, first step, minor school accomplishment seem like the No1 prize. It changes you emotionally, and physically. You can prepare for this roller coaster since the very beginning.

We know that no two pregnancies are the same and no two births are the same. Some mums-to-be experience more nausea, more emotions, some have an easier labour, but it all comes down to one thing: delivering a healthy baby and being a happy mum. We compiled an essential prep list to help you on this amazing journey: from finding out you are pregnant to giving birth.

How To Prepare Your Body for Labour and Birth A Mum Reviews

1st trimester

Having a baby is a major life event. You might be tired, swollen, have headache or morning sickness. However, it is not only about the “outer” symptoms” your body is sending you. There are also mood swings, occasional forgetting of minor things, cry and laugh, and you have many questions and fears. Except for the obvious- a prenatal doctor visit; you can start to plan your prenatal diet and exercise. Consult both with your OB-GYN and read your body language.

Some general exercise tips include light bodyweight to built your strength while you still can, and low- impact activities like yoga, walking or swimming. And a reward for all of these? Go shopping for new clothes, mama! A- you will need some soon B- you deserved it! If you want to pamper yourself some more, get a cream that reduces and prevents stretch marks and scars after your baby (and belly) start to grow, stock up on healthy snacks and learn to drink more water (2 litres a day.)

How To Prepare Your Body for Labour and Birth A Mum Reviews

2nd trimester

You start to show, feel confident to tell more and more people or people simply congratulate you. You glow. But how is the baby? Did you know that your baby’s finger and toe prints are visible at this point? So let’s keep the finger on the pulse and continue the healthy routine. If morning sickness passed, you can add more motion activities to swimming, walking, and yoga. Stationary cycling, pull-ups, lunges or squats are an option.

Whatever you consider trying, skip activities that might result in a fall, a huge increase in a heartbeat and in case you have a difficult pregnancy, always consult your doctor before trying something out. If you aim for a natural birth, try Kegels or tailor exercises. Both of them help strengthen your muscles, mostly pelvic floor ones and lower the back pain.

How To Prepare Your Body for Labour and Birth A Mum Reviews

3rd trimester

7 to 9 months of pregnancy means you are putting the final touches to the nursery, friends are preparing a baby shower for you and if you have not yet, you are picking the name. Well, we know one thing, once you are doing all of this, his or her eyes can blink, lungs are nearly developed, little fella/princess can close eyes or even grasp firmly! The day is approaching. Get a grasp on what can you do in the final 3 months.

Basically, slow down and prepare for the big day. Listen to relaxing music, practice deep breathing, continue with light yoga, neck or ankle stretches. Same goes for childbirth classes or breastfeeding classes. Oh and not to forget, pack your hospital bag, prepare a baby seat, stock up on household.

Did you know you can prepare for you labour well before it starts? We recommend Aniball, a birth preparation pelvic floor trainer that helps you prevent tearing and overcome fear of the childbirth. It’s available on the Aniball UK website and you should definitely check it out.

Done it all? Missed out on something? Once the due date comes, only one thing will be important: that first cry (of your baby) and then probably yours and your partners. No shame in that, it is your special day and you have a life full of smiles and jam-packed family photo albums ahead of you.

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