How to Stop Itchy Eyes from Hay Fever – Easy Hacks & Remedies

How to Stop Itchy Eyes from Hayfever - Easy Hacks & Remedies

How to Stop Itchy Eyes from Hay Fever – Easy Hacks & Remedies

Hay fever season is in full bloom. If you’re affected, you have probably been sneezing and itchy for a few weeks already. Hay fever is annoying for anyone who’s got it but luckily there are a few things that you can do to help. Last summer, I wrote an article about hay fever hacks to try. Below I share a few more things to try to help manage your hay fever symptoms. In this article, I’m specifically focusing on how to stop itchy eyes from hay fever.

Wear Sunglasses

If you have hay fever, wearing sunglasses when you are outdoors is a great way to reduce the exposure to pollen with a physical barrier. Sunglasses also protect your eyes from other external aggression that could cause soreness to already sensitive eyes – such as dust, wind and UV rays.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Handwashing is always important but take extra care when you have hay fever. Wash your hands often with plenty of soap and water to remove allergens from your hands. Also do your best to keep your hands away from your face and eyes. It’s very hard not to rub your eyes when they are itchy, but rubbing them will only make the irritation worse.

How to Stop Itchy Eyes from Hayfever - Easy Hacks & Remedies

Soothe Your Sore Eyes with Specialist Eye Drops

When your eyes are sore, instead of rubbing them, reach for TheraTears® Irritation and Redness Eye Drops. This is a product that has been developed in response to our eyes dealing with an ever-growing assault of allergens and pollutants. Keep these within reach so that you’re always ready to deal with sore eyes.

TheraTears® Irritation and Redness Eye Drops contain hyaluronic acid that lubricates, hydrates and protects the surface of the eye. They also contain natural Euphrasia effectively and gently reduces redness. You can use these for allergy relief when your eyes are feeling sore, irritated, and itchy from hay fever. TheraTears® Irritation and Redness is safe to use for contact lens wearers.

TheraTears® 5-in-1 Irritation and Redness is available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Superdrug and (10mls £5.99). For more information, please visit


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