Interested in CBD? Learn The Dos & Don’ts First

Interested in CBD? Learn The Dos & Don'ts First

Interested in CBD? Learn The Dos & Don’ts First

CBD is everywhere at the moment! Before you buy a CBD product and get started testing it, read this article about the Dos & Don’ts of CBD to ensure you’re fully informed.

The Dos & Don’ts of CBD

What is CBD

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a natural chemical compound from the hemp or cannabis plant. CBD is famous for its calming and relaxing effects on the mind and body, and unlike THC, it’s not psychoactive, which means it won’t get you high. The active ingredient is now mainly known in the form of an oil but it can come in many other forms to serve different wellbeing purposes. Read on for more information before you try to find the best CBD oil UK.

The Benefits of taking  CBD

CBD has been on the rise in the past few years because of its many benefits. The main reason why people started talking about it is because it is an efficient natural way to deal with daily stress and anxiety. The calming properties of hemp are praised by everyone who tries it. Not only is it calming for the mind, but also for the skin. Using CBD as skincare can really help with daily redness and flare-ups due to inflammation. You can even get CBD products for pets – like cat supplements or dog treats.

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can very easily be used to help with relief. Many people like to apply CBD creams or a CBD muscle balm after a workout because it helps soothe their muscles after their efforts.

If you’re one of those who struggle with their sleep, try adding CBD to your bedtime routine. Now don’t worry, you’re not going to fall asleep from taking CBD but you will have a better night’s sleep and you will feel fresh and restored and you wake up.

Although it can be praised as such, it’s important to point out that CBD is not a miracle ingredient. You’ve probably seen the meme “pours CBD oil on entire life” and while hemp is great to use on a day-today basis, it’s not an alternative to medicine. Just like any other food supplement, CBD needs to be added to a healthy lifestyle. We still need a lot of research to know to what extent CBD can be an add-on for your health. Buy Hemp wholesale products here.

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How to use CBD 

CBD comes in many forms and products that all have different strengths and work differently in our bodies. That’s the great thing about it, everybody is different so it only makes sense that we all take CBD differently.

There are somewhat three types of CBD: isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum. If you’re buying CBD in the UK, isolate and broad-spectrum are the two types that you’ll be able to find. Isolate is pure CBD, which means that after the extraction process, nothing else but cannabidiol can be found. Using isolate allows to give end products are very neutral taste or simply just not alter it (if you’re taking CBD edibles for instance)

Broad-spectrum CBD means that there are terpenes and other cannabinoids that are extracted with the CBD. These add-ons will support and somehow enhance the effects of cannabidiol, some people like to call this the entourage effect, even though there’s no actual evidence behind this.

Full-spectrum CBD is essentially the same thing as broad-spectrum, only with THC. The extraction process is a lot easier as most of the components of the plant are extracted without any further steps to remove THC or other cannabinoids.

CBD oil is the most common way of taking CBD, mainly because it’s the best way for our body to absorb it and the form of CBD that delivers the fastest results. But oil is not necessarily suitable for everyone because it’s not the most convenient to take. Discover the many different ways of taking CBD and find which one is the most suitable for you if you’re interested in CBD.

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Different Ways to Take CBD

  • CBD Oil | The most popular and common way of taking CBD. CBD oil is so popular because it’s to make and to take. Taking CBD with an oil is a way to ensure the best absorption and the quickest results. With CBD oil, you have to drop it under the tongue and leave it there until it absorbs into your gums. Depending on the amount you dropped, this can take up to a minute and a half or so. If you let it absorb, it will only take 20 minutes to half an hour to have its first effects on your body. If you swallow it, it will take more like an hour.  The only thing with CBD oil is that they can sometimes taste pretty herby and many people end up swallowing it because they can’t handle the lingering taste. But there are now many tasteless CBD oils out there, which make it very easy to take leave under the tongue or to simply drop in your food without any extra taste.
  • CBD Capsules | Capsules are becoming more and more popular and are loved by those who already have a vitamin and food supplement routine. With capsules, the amount of CBD you take is already pre-dosed which takes the pain of counting how many drops you should take away. The main difference between oils and capsules is that capsules take longer to have an effect. Because you have to digest them, you’ll only start to see results after an hour rather than half the time with an oil. You can buy CBD capsules from Royal CBD.
  • CBD Edibles and Gummies | The innovative and fun way to take CBD. CBD edibles and gummies make it completely painless and easy to take CBD. Just like capsules, they’re already pre-dosed and most importantly, they’re delicious. CBD gummies, CBD mints or CBD chocolate… they’re the ideal way to microdose CBD and to also enjoy a little sweet snack. CBD edibles also come in different strengths, so they’re suitable for those who want to microdose as well as those who want a larger dose. From 5mg to 30mg, choose the strength and the form that suits you the best.  CBD Edibles also contain botanicals and adaptogens that will support the CBD, as well as enhance the effects of the product you’re taking. If you’re interested in this way of taking CBD, check out edible brand reviews before choosing a product.
  • CBD Creams and Balms | There are two ways to use CBD creams: skincare and pain. Using CBD for pain is also very common. People can take a strong CBD oil to deal with pain but you can also use a cream. Which will be much more efficient as it will target the area where you’re feeling the discomforts and the absorption is way better as the cream will directly go into your bloodstreams. CBD creams are still quite unknown to the UK market but if you’ve been trying to take CBD oil for pain and haven’t seen results, maybe you should give creams a try.  Hemp and CBD beauty are the newest beauty trend hitting the shelves. Plant-based, natural and clean skincare is what everyone is talking about even though the products that actually contain CBD in them. Incorporating CBD in your skincare routine could help if you’re dealing with redness and slight inflammation on a daily basis. There’s no miracle skincare ingredient and no one’s claiming that CBD will change your skin overnight, but if you use it everyday, you might start seeing results.

Interested in CBD The Dos & Don'ts of CBD A Mum Reviews

A Few Tips Before Buying CBD Online

Buying CBD in the UK can be quite confusing, especially online when you’re a first-time buyer. Type in “CBD” or “CBD oil” on Google and you’ll have countless options. Don’t make the mistake of buying from the first link you’ll find. There’s a checklist you might want to respect to make sure you buy the best quality CBD you can find. You can also find coupon codes for CBD products find out more here.

  • Where are you buying it? | Make sure you’re buying your products from a brand or retailer that is trusted. Many massive online retailers will market their products as CBD products when they actually are made with hempseed oil and don’t contain any CBD in them. You will therefore not get any of the expected effects of CBD after taking it. Be sure to reach out to trusted CBD specialists such as Zamnesia for answers to any questions you may have about a CBD product.
  • CBD Oil vs Hempseed Oil | When reading the label of a product, you need to be able to read how much CBD is in the product and what type of CBD it is. If you can’t see any trace of CBD on the label, you probably won’t find any in the product either.
  • Where is the hemp from? | Another information you should be able to have access to is where the hemp is sourced from. Ultimately, it will have an impact on the quality of the CBD, so you need to make sure it was organically-grown, that it went through a CO2 extraction and that it’s been tested for purity. That information will help you figure out how good the CBD is.
  • THC | Although CBD is still quite a grey area, THC is a complete black and white situation in the UK. As stated on the home office website, any trace of THC is illegal in the UK, so you want to make sure you’re getting products that contain 0.0% THC. If you’re unsure about the THC levels, always feel free to ask and to check the product information.

The best place to start with CBD would be with a neutral tasting oil that contains a standard dose amount of CBD. A 500mg made with MCT oil would be ideal, TheDrug.Store 500mg CBD oil was made specifically for CBD beginners, it also has a measurer on the dropper, which makes it much easier to dose.

If you’re interested in CBD, don’t hesitate if you have any questions about the products you’re intending to buy, the more open a company is to answering, the more you can trust them. Finding the right product for you can be quite confusing, so it’s always great to know there’s someone on the other end who’s able to give all the answers to your questions. At TheDrug.Store, they want to be transparent with their customers, as well as be able to inform them about the products and what could help them.

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