MowMow Rocks Review – An App That Gets Kids Playing Outdoors

An App That Gets Kids Playing Outdoors A Mum Reviews

MowMow Rocks Review – An App That Gets Kids Playing Outdoors

When I was growing up, my mum pretty much almost only let us play computer games that were educational in some way and I completely get where she’s coming from! I feel the same when choosing apps that my kids use and will only go for things that encourage learning or creativity etc.

My eldest daughter is 5 and a half (that half is very important!) years old and she doesn’t have much iPad time but probably plays a game a couple of times a week.

Recently, I was introduced to a new app called MowMow Rocks and it’s different from most apps for children!

A Mum Reviews

MowMow Rocks is an app available from the Apple Store and Android Google Play and it combines modern technology with traditional hide and seek! The result is a fun game that gets kids out and about in the real world and playing outdoors too, not just on their screens.

The idea is that children collect rocks, paint them and leave them in places for other people to find. There are Facebook groups that do this too, but they are lacking the functionality that MowMow Rocks brings to the game.

MowMow Rocks Review – An App That Gets Kids Playing Outdoors A Mum Reviews

With MowMow rocks, you can track your rocks’ locations and see who has found them. You log the locations in the app, and you get a notification when someone finds one of your rocks.

I really like how this new app combines creativity (rock painting!), playing outdoors hiding and finding rocks and technology! In the app, you can also add stickers and effects to your rock and even write a little story about them.

MowMow Rocks Review – An App That Gets Kids Playing Outdoors A Mum Reviews

“We believe that time outside is an important part of an active lifestyle and children who regularly play outdoors have been shown to be happier, healthier, more confident and less anxious too.

Discovering new places and developing that sense of wonder and adventure is a vital part of any childhood – MowMow gives children another reason to get outside and explore!”

MowMow Rocks

Currently, it’s a new app so the userbase will grow with time as more people discover the app but it’s already very popular. I think it would be a great activity to do with you classmates for example to get a group of local people that you know that can play together.

It’s the school holidays now and we live in a small town now, so I need to introduce the app to some of the other parents at school to get the game going for us, locally. My own kids are a bit too young to play on their own, but I can imagine older children, maybe aged 8-10 really enjoying this on their own. Younger children can of course play together with their parents, making MowMow Rocks a great family activity.

MowMow Rocks is also working with The Land Trust, UK Active, and supporting Caudwell Children’s Charity with a focus on health and wellbeing, aiming to harness children’s imagination and creativity while encouraging them to be healthy, have fun, spend time with their family and exploring the physical world around them.

An App That Gets Kids Playing Outdoors A Mum Reviews

“We know that spending time outdoors in green space has a myriad of physical and mental health benefits and it’s absolutely vital that young people develop the routine of spending time in the natural environment at the earliest possible stage and develop this habit in order to ensure that they enjoy healthy, active lives.

“However, in order to encourage this, young people must have positive, and most importantly fun, experiences and this is where apps like MowMow are so important. In this digital world, with many young people having access to mobile phones and tablets, to be able to combine an online game with spending time in green space is an ideal solution and we look forward to a successful partnership with MowMow and working with them on our sites across the country.”

Alan Carter, Director of Portfolio management for the Land Trust

I think this app is a brilliant idea and it’s well designed too. I love that it combines so many fun things in one game and gets children and families out in nature, having fun together.

MowMow Rocks is an app that’s completely free to download and use too. Head to your app store, download MowMow Rocks and get started!

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