Mykonos: Discovering the Island of Winds

Mykonos: Discovering the Island of Winds

Mykonos: Discovering the Island of Winds

Mykonos is a beautiful island. It has incredible beaches, picturesque countryside and many options. In Mykonos, you can go to parties non-stop, but you will also find many options for tranquillity and peace. Of course, the best time outside of summer is the spring or student period, as they call it in recent years. The reason? In the springtime, economical packages come out for Mykonos for everyone to visit the island of winds. They are mainly chosen by the students where they have the big party before their summer exam.

Mykonos: Discovering the Island of Winds
  • Some facts about Mykonos

The island of Mykonos, however, does not need particular recommendations. Greek mythology claims that Mykonos was formed by the fossilized bodies of giants killed by Hercules and took its name from the mythical hero Mykonos.

Mykonos Town is adorned with beautiful, whitewashed houses, surrounded by cobbled, winding, narrow streets, where one can see chapels with red domes, lively bars, first-class restaurants and simple taverns. The port is equally welcoming for luxury yachts, including those available for luxury yacht charter Greece and small fishing boats, adding another touch to the enchanting image of the island.

Beach lovers will enjoy the crystal clear waters of Psarou, Kalafatis, Elia, Agios Stefanos, Paradise, Platys Gialos, Ornos, Paraga and Panormos. Mykonos is the Ibiza of Greece. It is a beautiful island of the Cyclades, where it proves to be the best Party of recent years, while the bougainvillaea completes the beautiful scenery of the island on the balconies, blue windows and doors, whitewashed and clean streets, windmills, doves and many small churches restaurants, bars and cafes.

  • Where to stay in Mykonos

Mykonos has accommodation options for all tastes and budgets. If you want to make your holiday experience extra special, look into luxury Mykonos accommodation like Luxury Mykonos Villas by Divine. Staying in a luxury villa in Mykonos will elevate your stay and let you instantly relax in style and comfort as you enjoy this beautiful island.

Mykonos: Discovering the Island of Winds
  • What to do in Mykonos

The cosmopolitan Mykonos is famous for its intense nightlife, and this is one of the many reasons that it gathers many famous and anonymous people from Greece and abroad every year. One of the main reasons that Mykonos has become world-famous for its entertainment and nightlife is that clubbing lasts 24 hours a day. The narrow cobbled streets in Chora and the district of Little Venice, as they call it, begin to fill with people in the afternoon while the traffic reaches its peak in the evening.

The Mykonian nights are endless and completely exhausting! You can start enjoying the sunset in Alefkandra, take photos next to the traditional white windmills with the pelican permanent “patrons” of the island and make your own beach.

After an exhausting walk on the busy cobbled streets, you will have the opportunity to choose between the restaurants and taverns in Chora and the surrounding area. Overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea or the magnificent cobbled streets will taste traditional and modern Greek or international cuisine recipes. Of course, in order to have the opportunity to explore all the secrets of this magical island, it would be good to have a vehicle in your possession. An ideal solution is a car hire, which will give you a permanent solution for your travels on the island. So you can turn to the company Enjoy Travel, which offers you affordable offers for every type of car you will need.

There are bars and nightclubs with loud music for all tastes from well-known DJs that play a huge role to the night entertainment of Mykonos, and as time goes by, everyone becomes a group and has fun in the Mykonian rhythms until the early morning hours. Now is your chance to wander in the magical parts of the island and enjoy all that it has to offer. Regardless of the type of vacation you wish to spend, fun and enjoyment are always guaranteed.

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