The Best Mykonos Family-Friendly Activities for a Memorable Holiday

Mykonos Family-Friendly Activities for a Memorable Holiday A Mum Reviews

The Best Mykonos Family-Friendly Activities for a Memorable Holiday

Here are some tips for those who want to explore the alternative Mykonos. For people who want to see the island’s beauty beyond the shining, luxurious and noisy tourist life.

If you are aiming for relaxing vacations at Mykonos, our first advice is to rent one of Mykonos Luxury Villas. Staying in one of the Villas in Mykonos will let you enjoy the peace and serenity of the island. Additionally, it will offer you a high level of privacy and seclusion.

Mykonos Family-Friendly Activities

Try the remote unorganized virgin beaches

Each beach has a different character. Together the all contribute to the uniqueness of this island with its international reputation. No matter how crowded Elia becomes, it remains one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. No matter how many visitors discover Fokos, the place still has a unique beauty. Today, most Mykonos beaches are really overcrowded and high prices make them inaccessible especially for families, but fortunately some of them remain unorganized, without umbrellas and sun beds such as Saint Sostis, Myrsini, Ftelia, Kapari, Merchia. In contrast, some of the beaches like Psarrou, Panormos, Paraga, Elia, Agrari, Lia, Kalo Livadi and Agia Anna are partly or fully organized.

Mykonos Family-Friendly Activities for a Memorable Holiday A Mum Reviews

Visit the museums and galleries of the island

Mykonos also has many art galleries with exhibits that are unique and sometimes very expensive. Spend a morning with your family to visit some of them it will be easy as you will find a lot of art galleries at the centre of Mykonos Town in a short distance from each other.

Also, Mykonos has some very interesting museums where the visitor can take a trip back in time. If your time is limited, you should start with the Municipal Art Gallery, the Maritime Museum and the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos which are all located in Mykonos Town.

Take a tour to see the hundreds of churches all around the island

The number of churches and chapels in Mykonos is extremely high for such a small area more than 400. The island’s inhabitants were mainly fishermen, sailors or merchants. They were travelling into the sea for many months. Their families built chapels facing to the sea to protect their sailors and return them back safely.

There are some very interesting churches on the island like Panagia Paraportiani at the Castle area, Agios Nikolaos at the Port, Panagia Tourliani Monastery at Ano Mera and the Catholic Church at Alefkandra. When you have had enough of relaxing with your family vacation in Mykonos, take a tour to some of the churches of the island.

Mykonos Family-Friendly Activities for a Memorable Holiday A Mum Reviews

Explore Mykonos from the water

For an unforgettable experience, visit mykonos with a catamaran. Seeing Mykonos from the water gives you an extra special perspective and offers the chance to visit different destinations. While on the catamaran, you can enjoy the views while relaxing in a luxurious environment. Of course, you can also do activities such as swimming or snorkelling.

Go to the fairs organized at villages

The fairs are a Greek tradition so you will find them everywhere. What makes Mykonos fairs different is the fact that they are not only surviving in a modern society but they are getting bigger and better.

Going to a fair is like going to an old-style party. Everybody is welcome, locals or foreigners. Dancers with traditional Cycladic suits dance to the rhythm of “zygies” (Mykonos’ musicians). Tasty finger food, local drinks are served in big quantities and the friendly atmosphere will introduce you to the alternative island’s life behind the shiny Mykonos Villas in just a few hours.

Guest Article. This article was first published in December 2019.

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