6 Best Wine Regions All Over the World

6 Best Wine Regions All Over the World

One of the most idyllic travel ideas for any wine lover would be to gather a group of close friends and explore some of the world’s most beautiful wine regions together. What’s the best way to bond with your friends than to travel together, enjoying activities that share the same passion? These destinations are among the most awe-inspiring wine regions that will amaze any wine lover.

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The Best Wine Regions Worldwide

  • Visit wine heaven in Mendoza, Argentina.

If you want to plan a trip with your friends, what better destination for a wine tasting than Mendoza, Argentina? The beautiful view of the towering Andes and 300 days of sunshine a year is a wine lover’s paradise and a winemaker’s dream. The new high-altitude wine region, Valle de Uco, is located approximately 80 km south of Mendoza and is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists, which must offer both delicious wine and beautiful architecture. If you are a wine lover must join this wine subscription club, they also provide a free home delivery.

  • The wine region in Tokaj, Hungary

The world’s first demarcated wine region is located in Tokaj, Hungary.

Aszú, a natural dessert wine made using a botrytis maceration method that is more than 400 years old, affects the base wine’s berries. Or the base must achieve a specific degree of softness. However, dessert wines aren’t the only thing that makes Tokaj so famous.

Discover the wonders of the irreplaceable valley of Casablanca, Chile

When it comes to wine regions around the world, Chile cannot be left without mentioning. It is located right between Santiago and Valparaíso and has not spent much time in the industry, not more than 40 years.

  • Find the best festivals in Hunter Valley, NSW.

Another great destination for wine tasting is certainly Hunter Valley in Wales. It was founded in the mid-19th century by the father of Australian wine James Busby. It was he who brought 20,000 vine cuttings from Europe to Australia.

Tempting to book a wine tasting day trip to Hunter Valley NSW on your next vacation to land down under? Book a local guide who organizes Hunter Valley wine tours from here. 

  • Enjoy the magnificent landscapes of the Douro Valley, Portugal.

There are also small wine states that also serve lesser-known table wines made from native grape varieties. Visitors have the opportunity to take a guided tour and taste some of the most treasured historic vineyards such as Quinta da Pacheca, Quinta de La Rosa, and Quinta des Carvalhas.

  • Discover the magical winemaking of Venice, Italy

You can also find many excellent wine regions in Venice. They have many intriguing wineries, including the famous Dorona, also known as the Golden Grape. It got this title during the Venetian Doges, which is an indigenous grape that almost disappeared at one point.

  • Taste delicious red wine from La Rioja, Spain

Its origin dates back to 1925, and it is widely recognized for its tradition and its oenological quality. Its delicious and well-known red wine is Tempranillo, Graciano, Garnacha, and Mazuelo grapes.

La Rioja is also known for its largest oak barrel cellars in the world-renowned for its aging. In Bordeaux barrels of 225 liters, aging in oak is a compulsory element for Crianza, Reserva, and Gran Reserva wines.


After all, there are so many beautiful places worth a visit. Some of the most impressive vineyards are found in the world. So try to find a group of friends who are passionate about wine and explore the world together.

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