6 Time-Saving Tips For Holiday Travel

6 Time-Saving Tips For Holiday Travel

6 Time-Saving Tips For Holiday Travel

When you’re saving up for your vacation, your getaway seems like it is a lifetime away. It edges a little closer when booking your flights and accommodation but still feels distant. Then suddenly, your date of travel is a week away, and you realize there’s so much to be done between now and then.

You need to get your travel documents in order, your suitcases packed; you also need to maneuver the city traffic and around busy airports in time to catch your flight. Another important element to factor into your holiday preparation schedule is the time it takes to comply with all COVID-19 travel regulations.

How do you make sure you check all these boxes in good time to avoid last-minute scampering? Here are some ideas you can try out.

6 Time-Saving Tips For Holiday Travel
  1. Do Your Homework

With the travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic in place, it may be a while since you traveled. 2019 was the last time many ventured out beyond their borders, searching for sun and sand. Since then, a lot has changed, with many countries putting regulations in place to minimize the risk of infections from incoming vacationers.

You, therefore, need to get up to speed with what COVID-related rules you need to comply with when exiting the U.S. and entering your destination of choice. The U.S. has placed restrictions on travel to some parts of the world because of the heightened risk of infection there. Is your vacation country on that list? It would be best if you found out before any concrete travel plans are made.

You also need to determine what restrictions your destination country has put in place regarding testing and COVID vaccinations. If a document is required to prove your status or that you have your shot, you need to give yourself ample time to get this done.

  1. Book Early

Getting your airplane tickets a couple of months in advance will not only save you time when it matters; it will save you some precious coins. Ticket prices tend to rise as the holidays approach, but you can take advantage of great offers and discounts if you act early.

Besides grabbing your tickets in good time, you should also reserve airport parking early if you will need it. You can kill two birds with one stone by booking a stay at an airport hotel, especially if you have a very early departure. You can ensure you’re in good time for boarding while securing a good deal on airport parking.

6 Time-Saving Tips For Holiday Travel
  1. Plan Your Time

As you book your stay in hotels and buy your plane tickets, you also need to plan for transfers to your destination. For this reason, it’s a good idea to begin inquiring about car rentals or taxi services as early as possible. For a rental car, you can go to this site. Making these arrangements early on will not only ensure a stress-free time but will also leave you with a little extra cash to enjoy.

  1. Priority Boarding Options

If you can afford it, go ahead and pay for that priority-boarding pass—anything to avoid stressfully long queues and crowded lounges. Priority boarding will give you access to spacious lounges where you can spend your layover time comfortably. There’s also the perk of lounge-provided Wi-Fi that allows you to check in on loved ones before you leave.

6 Time-Saving Tips For Holiday Travel
  1. Arrive Early at the Airport

You would rather have an hour or two to kill in the airport lounge seats than be making a mad dash, luggage and kids in tow, for the boarding gates. That is not how you want to start your holiday. Factor in the time required for security checks and check-in at the counter as you plan to leave your house on the travel date. Beginning the checking-in process online is a great idea in this regard.

  1. Pack Smart

Dedicate adequate time for packing – avoid the temptation to leave it late. First, ensure you have enough storage for all the items you intend to carry for the duration of your stay. Check to see if the bags and cases you have now will suffice while you still have enough time to shop for others if that’s not the case.

Beginning your packing in good time will reduce the chances of forgetting those small items that often get overlooked in a last-minute rush. Packing your sports sunglasses means you won’t have to fork out to buy a likely overpriced pair at the ski resort.

Zero Stress, Maximum Fun 

All your time and energy while on vacation should be spent on two things; having fun and relaxing. You shouldn’t be pulling your hair or biting your nails in anxiety as you realize one thing or the other hasn’t been taken care of. Apply these tips to get the most out of your time away and to ensure your trip is as stress-free as possible

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