Driving Abroad For the First Time – #AEMEMORIES

Driving Abroad For the First Time - #MotoringMemories A Mum Reviews

Driving Abroad For the First Time – #AEMEMORIES

In 2012, my husband and I were planning our honeymoon trip to the USA. We’d had a tiny wedding and had decided to go all out on our honeymoon instead. We planned a three week trip in the US, starting with two weeks of big city life in New York City and ending with a week of fun, sun and roller coasters in Orlando, Florida.

In New York City, we could easily walk and get the subway to wherever we needed to go but in Florida you have to drive to get anywhere. We were staying with a couple of friends there and together we rented a proper American car to use while we were there. It was huge, automatic and with a great air conditioning system.

My husband is a great driver but had never driven outside of the UK before so was a bit worried about how it would be to drive in the US where you drive on the other side of the road, there are some variations in traffic rules and all the cars and roads are much bigger.

He was pleasantly surprised that it was really easy! The fact that the roads are so large and wide too, makes them a perfect match for the large vehicles and means that there’s actually a lot of space left on the roads. The automatic new car was also much easier to drive than a stick as you don’t have to focus on changing gears.Driving Abroad For the First Time - #MotoringMemories A Mum Reviews

We will definitely hire a car abroad again in the future and next time it will probably be in Europe. I’m from Sweden and we are considering doing a little road trip there in the future as travelling by car is a good option when you have kids and want to see a country properly. Auto Europe is a company that offers affordable car hire in Europe but also in the USA and Canada with prices starting as low as £3 per day.

In Sweden, the roads and cars are similar to the UK but everything happens on the other side of the road! I’m sure my husband would get used to it quickly, though.

Have you ever driven abroad? How did you find it?

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