Nail HQ Treatments Review – A New Generation Of Nail Treatments

Nail HQ Treatments Review - A New Generation Of Nail Treatments A Mum Reviews

Nail HQ Treatments Review – A New Generation Of Nail Treatments

Since becoming a mum, I have minimal time to look after my nails and they’ve been suffering a bit over the past year or so. I’ve pretty much ignored them with the odd exception of a quick nail polish application during nap time.

Nail HQ offers naturally beautiful nails that are nourished, strong and glossy and they do this by using cutting edge ingredients and formulations. That sounds good to me! I’ve been trying a few of their products over the past few weeks to try and improve the condition of my tired nails.

Nail HQ Treatments Review - A New Generation Of Nail Treatments A Mum Reviews

The products I’ve tried are: Cuticle Oil, Strengthener and Growth.

Nail HQ Cuticle Oil

This is a conditioning oil treatment designed to moisturise the nails and cuticles. It’s a non-greasy oil that helps soften and heal dry and irritated skin. It contains Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Beta-Carotene and Vitamins E, A, and D3  all ingredients known for being good for your skin. The nutrients in the oil help restore your skin’s moisture levels and prevents cracking and peeling of your nails.

It’s a lovely pampering treatment that you can treat yourself to when you have a few minutes spare. It’s got a nail polish brush as its applicator which makes it really easy and mess-free to apply. I love masssaging a few drops into my nails and cuticles while I’m watching tv at night. The oil is absorbed quickly and I can see great results straight away.

Nail HQ Strengthener

This is a dual-action nail strengthener with keratin and a multi-fruit complex of alpha hydroxy acids (lactic and glycolic). This treatment helps make weak and soft nails stronger very quickly and will also promote nail growth since it diminishes breakage of your nails.

This is what I need on my finger nails. Now that I don’t often wear nail polish, my nails are natural and weak. Constant typing and using my hands a lot in general puts a lot of strain on my nails, too, so I need them to be strong. This nail polish style treatment is quick to apply and gives your nail strength as soon as it’s dried a few minutes later. It’s got quite a strong scent though, so make sure to have a window open and use it when your children are not present.

Nail HQ Growth

This growth treatment helps keep your nails in great condition with replenishing ingredients that help balance moisture levels in your nails to keep them flexible and prevent brittle nails that break easily. The formula contains Pentavitin (which acts as a moisture magnet), Biotin, Acqua-Biomin/Calcium Y3 Complex and Vitamins A and D as well as Nonychosine-E. Together these ingredients moisturise, condition and strengthen nails to make them healthy and grow well.

This seems to me, as a more long-term treatment for strong nails. One that makes them healthy and strong from the start and will keep them that way. Like the Strengthener, it’s an easy and quick treatment and the scent is quite strong so make sure the room you are in is ventilated.

Nail HQ Treatments Review - A New Generation Of Nail Treatments A Mum Reviews

Using these products by Nail HQ has provided me with a fast way to healthier and stronger nails and cuticles. I only need to spend a few minutes on my nails each week to keep them looking nice with these prodcuts. Their other products include: All In One, Base Coat, Gel Top Coat, Ridge Filler, Hydrating Primer, Protect & Repair and Hardener. There’s loads more information on their website and you can buy them all from and a few other stores including Tesco and Superdrug.

I was sent these products for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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