National Jigsaw Day 2020

National Jigsaw Day 2020

Happy National Jigsaw Day! I’ve always liked jigsaws but during lockdown, doing jigsaws have become an important hobby for my family.

I love doing jigsaws with my children and my husband. It’s a great way to spend quality time together, puzzling while talking to each other and sharing the feeling of accomplishment when you finish a big and difficult jigsaw!

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It’s a great relaxing activity to do but it’s still stimulating for the brain. It feels like you’re doing something that’s good for you and that’s always an enjoyable feeling. I also love that it’s a completely screen-free activity to do.

As a parent, I also like that it shows the children that you can do difficult tasks (like a big 1,000-piece jigsaw with a complicated picture) if you decide to put the effort in and try hard.

With Christmas coming up, jigsaws are definitely on our list of gifts to treat our family to and I’ve already got a few stacked away to enjoy over the Christmas holidays.

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The puzzling community is growing – lots of people I have spoken to enjoy puzzling in the same way that my family does and find it relaxing which is something that is especially important this year with all the extra stress. There are lots of benefits of jigsaw puzzles to enjoy. People are even sharing their puzzles in a socially distanced way – read about travelling puzzles here.

Today, we’ll be celebrating by doing a jigsaw together after school. My middle girl is especially into jigsaws! She’s got the right kind of brain for it and more patience than my older daughter!

National Jigsaw Day 2020

We especially love Wentworth Wooden Puzzles. They are gorgeous laser-cut, chunky wooden jigsaws with both irregular pieces and whimsical pieces (shaped to fit the theme of the jigsaw). They are made here in the UK and come in eco-friendly packaging too. They come in lots of different sizes and with lots of different designs with a range of extra difficult ones for puzzle enthusiasts. There are also seasonal jigsaws throughout the year.

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My middle girl, aged 4, loves the smaller 40-piece jigsaws and she does these herself but also loves joining me when I do the 250-piece ones. Lots of fun for the whole family!  

Features gifted jigsaws.

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