New Ben & Anna PolyPotato Deodorant Cream Review

New Ben & Anna PolyPotato Deodorant Cream Review

Ben & Anna PolyPotato Deodorant Cream Review – Innovative & Sustainable | AD

Great natural deodorants have been around for quite a while now but some brands are still working hard to make them even better. The original sustainable brand Ben & Anna has recently launched the world-first deodorant packaged in PolyPotato. Read on to find out more about this very innovative product in my Ben & Anna PolyPotato Deodorant Cream review below.

New Ben & Anna PolyPotato Deodorant Cream Review

What is PolyPotato?

PolyPotato packaging is 100% natural and made from potato starch, paper, and natural fibres. The potato starch is a by-product of the potato industry so a great option for sustainable packaging. Not only is the packaging strong, it’s also 100% compostable and starts to decompose in just a few weeks when composted. Because of this, deodorants packaged in PolyPotato makes an excellent plastic-free alternative to conventional deodorants.

Natural deodorant with compostable packaging

Ben & Anna PolyPotato Deodorant Cream 

Inside the adorable PolyPotato spheres is the actual deodorant which is a lovely light and creamy formula. The all natural and vegan deodorants from Ben & Anna provide reliable protection against both moisture and odour. The formula also contains nourishing Shea Butter and other valuable oils to care for the skin in your armpits. The texture is so light and lovely and not greasy nor sticky at all. 

The PolyPotato deodorants range currently includes two fresh and uplifting scents – Love Me and Green Balance.

Creamy natural deodorant

Love Me contains finely ground bicarbonate of soda. Bicarbonate of soda naturally reduces germs and bacteria and this effectively prevents odour formation. It’s a great natural and effective option for ensuring that you are reliably protected against both moisture and unpleasant smells. 

Green Balance is a sensitive alternative with magnesium complex as the active ingredient instead of bicarbonate of soda. Still as effective at preventing odour and moisture, but even more gentle for sensitive skin. 

New Ben & Anna PolyPotato Deodorant Cream Review

Ben & Anna PolyPotato Deodorant Cream Review – Conclusion

These two vegan deodorants are both great! The formulas are effective and gentle and smell great too. My underarms feel cared for and there’s no irritation whatsoever. 

I love the PolyPotato packaging too – it’s so clever! So sustainable of course and I think the round pots look lovely as well. Ben & Anna PolyPotato Deodorant Cream is a great way to stay fresh in a completely zero waste way. 

Get yours from the Ben & Anna website. 


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