New Year, Healthy Lifestyle Switches, New You

New Year, Healthy Lifestyle Switches, New You A Mum Reviews

New Year, Healthy Lifestyle Switches, New You

We’re almost a month into the new year now. Have you made any healthy lifestyle switches yet? I’ve been meaning to but life has been so busy! Enough excuses now, it’s time to switch it up a bit and do a few easy switches to become healthier this year.

Make Your Mind Up

Be a determined person who sets goals and reaches them. The mind is so powerful and if you truly want to achieve something, you can do it if you decide that you will be successful. It can still be hard of course, but once your mind is made up, you’re partly there already.

New Year, Healthy Lifestyle Switches, New You A Mum Reviews

Drink More Water

This one is a classic and is so easy to do but still people don’t do it. I’m the same! I pretty much just drink coffee (and tea sometimes) in the day and then drink my water in the evening if I feel thirsty but I really need to drink water in the morning and throughout the day too so that’s something I’m consciously trying to do.

Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and veg are great for you but most of us don’t eat enough. Even as a vegetarian, I know that I sometimes don’t eat enough and that is something I need to change. I need to add some greenery to each of my meals and make the servings of the good stuff a bigger percentage of my plate.

New Year, Healthy Lifestyle Switches, New You A Mum Reviews

Stop Smoking

This is an important one as smoking is so bad for you. Vaping, using products like e shisha pens, is a popular way to cut down or stop smoking. Your body will thank you for every single cigarette that you don’t smoke and you’ll feel the benefits in no time.

Move Your Body

With two little ones, I have quite a physically active lifestyle but I would like to get out more and go for walks. Spring is approaching and doing things like that will get a lot easier then. One really easy way to get more exercise is to get off your bus or the tube a stop earlier and walk the last bit each way to and from work. Wearing a smartwatch or a pedometer is also a good way to keep track of your activity and to encourage you to do more.

New Year, Healthy Lifestyle Switches, New You A Mum Reviews

Sleep More

Most of us need more sleep than we get so why not try to get some more? Decide how many hours you feel that you need and then go to bed accordingly. I need about 8-9 hours and usually wake up at 7am so at 10pm I need to get ready to go to bed or already be tucked in. A little bit of extra sleep makes such a huge difference to how you feel.

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