Nilfisk Smart Window Cleaner & Window Vacuum Review

Nilfisk Smart Window Cleaner & Window Vacuum Review A Mum Reviews

Nilfisk Smart Window Cleaner & Window Vacuum Review

We’d been looking for a gadget just like this. The Nilfisk Smart is a battery powered window cleaner and window vacuum that ensures streak-free and clean windows in no time.

Nilfisk Smart Window Cleaner & Window Vacuum Review A Mum Reviews

The main reason we’d been looking for a window vacuum, is that we get really steamy windows every morning in the autumn and winter and it takes so long to wipe them down with a cloth that constantly needs wringing out. The Nilfisk Smart can be used to clear steam like this or to clean windows, tiles, shower screens and mirrors.

There are two main parts the spray bottle with the removable microfiber cloth that you use to clean the windows and the window vacuum that you use to remove all the water and detergent from the window after cleaning without creating streaks and without dripping. Nilfisk Smart Window Cleaner & Window Vacuum Review A Mum Reviews

The box contains:

  • Nilfisk Smart window washer with two different scrapers (280mm and 170mm)
  • Lithium battery + Charger
  • Spray bottle
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Powerful window cleaning detergent concentrate
  • Belt clip

The design is smart and ergonomic and makes cleaning windows really easy. You can even get an extension pole if you have windows high up. The devices are both really lightweight and easy to use one-handed.

The belt clip makes it possible for you to keep the sprayer or vacuum mounted on your waistband to avoid the need to bend down to switch devices. This is especially handy if you’re stood on a ladder. The battery lasts 25 minutes which is a long time since cleaning with the Nilfisk Smart is so quick. Nilfisk Smart Window Cleaner & Window Vacuum Review A Mum Reviews

The different parts were really easy to assemble and after charging the battery up, it was time to get some windows washed! A small sample of window cleaning detergent is included in the box and this is enough to fill the spray bottle once. You can use your own detergent instead, of course.  The included detergent is very powerful and works well but I’m not very keen on the scent. That’s not very important, though.

You pour the detergent into the spray bottle and fill it up with water, then attach it to the nozzle. Then you simply spray your windows and clean with the microfiber cloth attachment at the same time. After that, you use the window vacuum from top to bottom to suck up the liquids. Then you’re done!

The microfibre cloth can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Nilfisk Smart Window Cleaner & Window Vacuum Review A Mum Reviews

The water collects in a 100ml container on the bottom of the Nilfisk Smart and does not have to be emptied very often at all thanks to the generous size. To fit on the window vacuum, the container has to be quite a strange shape which makes pouring the water out slightly tricky. I completely understand that it has to be that shape though and that the hole needs to be where it is for the device to work.

This product is really useful and makes window cleaning so much more fun and quick! I can’t wait to use it on our steamy windows when it gets a bit colder. We are also just about to start our bathroom renovation and the Nilfisk Smart will be great for keeping the tiles and the shower clean and sparkling.

Read more about Nilfisk products here and buy the Nilfisk Smart from This big set costs £69.99 but you can buy just the window vacuum for only £29.99 if you only need it for steamy windows for example.

We were sent this product for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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