Non-Obvious Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Non-Obvious Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Non-Obvious Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

When most people think about ways to save money on their wedding, the first things that come to mind are typically things like DIY invitations and centrepieces or choosing a less expensive venue. 

While those are certainly great ways to save money, there are also several other non-obvious ways that you can shave some dollars off your wedding budget. So if you’re looking for creative ways to save money on your big day, read on!

Non-Obvious Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding
  • Check What You Can DIY 

As you start planning your wedding you may be surprised; you can do many things yourself to save money. One of the non-obvious ways you can save on your wedding is to DIY some of the aspects you were initially going to hire someone else to do, like catering and hosting. 

Though some events you will still probably want to hire someone for, you should still look into any way you can make it happen on your own. Since some venues require you to use their caterers, you may also need to get creative with what foods you provide, which could end up being cheaper than catering.

Non-Obvious Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding
  • Get a Wedding Planner 

While you might not have thought you’d need a wedding planner, you do. If you’re still in the early stages of planning your wedding, you haven’t even begun to experience “the stress.” You haven’t yet realised that you are your own worst enemy regarding time management.

Getting the best wedding planner in your region can help you map out all the details involved in hosting a large event and keep you on track. They will tell you the average cost for what you want to do at your wedding and make sure you stick within the budget. Wedding planners will negotiate discounts for you with vendors, too!

With their assistance, you won’t have to deal with anyone directly, which means no more hassling over price points, or you won’t even have to think about what you should be getting for the price you’re paying. Your wedding planner will make sure you get exactly what you want without breaking your bank.

Non-Obvious Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding
  • Make Early Bookings 

Making early bookings is an easy way to save money while planning your wedding. Firstly, you can lock in a price years before needing a table at the restaurant or an event venue and you can even pre book actual day photography agency and tell the ideas in advance to save your cost and get all your ideas fulfilled. Secondly, you will get a discount for booking further in advance than you would otherwise be able to do so. 

It isn’t easy to think about planning one of the biggest events of your life years down the line, but you will likely be surprised at how much things cost, even just 6-12 months beforehand. When you are looking for wedding providers (photographers or caterers), it is essential to find out who has the absolute best price and to negotiate by asking for discounts. This is your wedding, and you deserve to get the best you can at the lowest price you can.

So what do you think? Have you gotten any new ideas about how to save money on your wedding and still have the day of your dreams? Remember, weddings can be expensive. The last thing you want is for all that hard work and planning to go down the drain because there weren’t enough savings in place. 

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