Are the Best Types Of Weddings Small and Intimate?

Are the Best Types Of Weddings Small and Intimate?

Are the Best Types Of Weddings Small and Intimate?

There are lots of options when it comes to wedding planning and what you choose to do depends entirely on your own personal opinion. Weddings are a celebration of two people coming together in love and a start of the rest of their lives together. When it comes to choosing your wedding venues in McKinney, there are loads of options for you to look at, and again it should be a personal choice. You may want to opt for a large wedding or something smaller, but is a small wedding the best type of wedding? We have put together some of our advice and the benefits of small weddings below.

2020 was a difficult year for many couples who were forced to postpone their days, or reduce their numbers dramatically to only 15 guests to fit in with the government guidelines. If your wedding plans have been affected by the current pandemic and you now have to consider a smaller, more intimate wedding then it’s not all bad. We have some tips and advice for anyone considering a small and intimate wedding to allow you to make your own decision on if it’s right for you.

Having a small wedding is something that many people choose to do; rather than spend thousands on a big celebration, they choose to keep it small and spend their money on the things that really matter to them as a couple. Just because you are having a smaller wedding it doesn’t mean that you have to lose out on anything or that your guests won’t have a fantastic experience. In many cases, because you have less people it will allow you to be more creative with your budget and perhaps incorporate things that you wouldn’t have considered before.

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  • Choosing a small venue

If you are looking to choose a small venue and create a more intimate wedding day, you need to firstly think about where you want to get married. With travel being an option nowadays it means that you don’t need to stay local, you could get married anywhere in the country. Remember to keep in mind that it’s your day and should be somewhere that means something to you both. There are plenty of exclusive use venues in the UK which means that it would only be you and your guests at the venue for the duration of the day. This is even more special if you have chosen a luxury countryside venue as you will be able to make use of the on-site accommodation and make a mini holiday out of it.  By having an intimate wedding and having a smaller number of guests it will mean that you could be more flexible on the day of the week you get married. Some venues offer mid-week deals so this might be something to consider and look into.

If you want to organise a really intimate wedding and something unique, you could use a celebrant and get married on a beach or perhaps a secluded forest somewhere. There are some venues that have their own woodlands and they allow you to decorate it however you choose.

  • Create your guest list

Choosing a smaller wedding means that you will have fewer guests and you may choose to only invite close family and friends to share in your day. This can actually be a good thing as it will reduce your budgets in terms of food, but also means that only your closest people in your life will be there with you.

You could look into options such as live streaming your ceremony to your wider circle of family and friends as an alternative option. This means that they can still share in your day, but just wouldn’t physically be there with you. With current restrictions on weddings and people being forced to limit their guest numbers to only 15 guests, this is an option. This doesn’t however include anyone working on the wedding so this is a good thing to remember when researching your suppliers.

  • Entertainment and decorations

As we mentioned before, having a smaller wedding means that you will have more flexibility with your budget. You could allocate more budget to things such as live entertainment and music like Fraudio’s wedding band or Dexter band for example, which is something that will really enhance your day and create a memorable experience for you and your guests. This could be in the form of having live music for your walk down the aisle, or even singing waiters during your wedding breakfast! When it comes to decorating your venue, having a smaller wedding means that you can really make the most of your décor and if you are a creative person, you could have a go at making your own table centrepieces or room decorations, or incorporate simple things such as drapes to add elegance to the room.

Are the Best Types Of Weddings Small and Intimate?
  • Change up the format

When it comes to styling your venue, bigger is not always better! By having a smaller number of guests it allows you to create unconventional room layouts. For example, you may choose to have one long table for your guests to enjoy their wedding breakfast, rather than smaller round tables. If you are getting married in summer and your venue has beautiful outside space, you could even choose to have this set up outside, creating a romantic, elegant setting for your meal. You could always change the format of your wedding breakfast as well and instead of having the traditional speeches; you could invite anyone up who would like to speak and say something. With fewer guests it gives you more flexibility and freedom around what you choose to do.

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