Origin Hybrid Mattress Buying Guide

Origin Hybrid Mattress Buying Guide

Origin Hybrid Mattress Buying Guide

If you struggle to fall asleep, it could be time to evaluate your mattress. It could be that it’s not providing the proper support you require to fall and stay asleep. An average human spends 7-8 hours a day sleeping, translating to a third of their lifetime… can you imagine if all that time is spent on a pain-wrecking, way too sunken uncomfortable bed?

As a parent, it is not always easy to sleep with kids around. Some will want you to carry them around, while others will want to jump up and down your bed. When you finally put them down to sleep, you might have to deal with stress and back pains, and a bad mattress could make it worse. If you’re a mum who relates to this, getting a hybrid mattress will have you well rested and ready for the next day.

You will find different types of mattresses on the market, including foam, innerspring, and hybrid. A foam mattress may feel soft, but it may not provide enough support. On the other hand, an innerspring mattress may provide support but feel too stiff. Finally, a hybrid mattress combines the benefits of both. It consists of a memory foam latex combined with inner springs to help you experience pressure relief from memory foam and support from inner springs.

Suppose you consider ditching your memory foam or innerspring mattress. In that case, we recommend getting a hybrid mattress from Origin; A tech-based company focusing on sleep products to create the best night’s sleep experience.

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Origin Hybrid Mattress Buying Guide

If you’re buying a hybrid mattress for the first time, this buying guide will be of great help. It will cover details of features to look for in a hybrid mattress and factors to consider when choosing the best hybrid mattress;

Hybrid Mattress Features

Maybe you are shopping around, and you’ve come across several hybrid brands. The best hybrid mattress should consist of the following features:

  • Comfort Layer: A mattress such as an innerspring has a comfort layer made of cotton or polyester, while a hybrid mattress has a comfort layer made of latex or memory foam. The latex contours your body and relieves pressure points such as hips, shoulders, and the back.
  • Transition Layer: The transition layer is designed to add an extra bounce to the mattress and may be made of latex, polyfoam, or memory foam. In addition, some hybrid mattresses will have a cooling feature or zoned technology to absorb and distribute body weight.
  • Support Layer: The support layer consists of pocketed coils or steel springs, and it forms the primary support for the mattress. Unlike in a foam mattress, the spring coils are individually wrapped to isolate motion and prevent transfer.
  • Base Layer: Although not all hybrid mattresses have this Layer, it supports the spring coils and prevents wear. It also provides additional support and enhances motion isolation.
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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Hybrid Mattress

When choosing the best hybrid mattress, it’s not a one size fits all affair. Several factors come into play;

  • Comfort: A night of comfortable sleep translates to a day of maximum productivity. Its level of firmness determines hybrid mattress comfort on a 1-10 scale. In this regard, 1 firmness may be too soft and lack support, while a 10 firmness may be too stiff. Choose a hybrid mattress with a firmness level of 5-8 that will provide comfort and support for many body types.
  • Size: Hybrid mattresses are available in single, small double, double, king, and super king. Choose a mattress size that will give you enough space to sleep comfortably, whether you sleep alone or with a partner. The most popular bed size would be the double, but we recommend choosing a UK king if your room size permits.
  • Sleeping Position: Before deciding on the best hybrid mattress, it would help if you understood your sleeping position. Do you sleep on your side or back, or do you combine both? Or do you prefer sleeping on your stomach? Different sleeping styles call for varying levels of firmness. If you sleep on your stomach or you weigh more than 230 pounds, get a hybrid mattress of medium-high firmness between 6 and 7.
  • Motion Isolation: Choose a hybrid mattress with individually wrapped springs to absorb motion when you shift or turn. If you sleep with a partner, the mattress should absorb movement without disturbing each other’s sleep.
  • Trial Period: It will take some time for your body to break into the mattress and that’s where a trial period comes in. Some mattress brands offer 60 days, while others offer 120 and 200 days, respectively. The trial period allows you to try the mattress, and if you don’t like it, you can return it and get a refund.
  • Edge Support: The best hybrid mattress should be sturdy enough to support your weight without sagging or sinking. In addition, it should allow you to sit comfortably at the edge without shifting or falling off.
  • Temperature Control: The best hybrid mattress should be covered with a breathable fabric to facilitate air movement. In addition, it should absorb body heat and transfer it away from the body to prevent overheating, moisture build-up, and overheating.
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Origin Hybrid Mattress Description

The origin hybrid mattress is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy the plush feeling of signature pressure-relieving memory foam and support of high-quality innerspring coils. It consists of six layers;

  • Airflow Tencel™: The upper surface is covered with a hypoallergenic airflow Tencel to provide a smooth and plush feel. It is breathable and promotes airflow for a night of comfortable sleep. This feature puts Origin’s hybrid mattress ahead of the competition, making it suitable for mums with skin-sensitive children and the elderly.
  • Aeroflex Natural Latex™: Beneath the airflow Tencel lies an Aeroflex natural latex layer to provide support and cushioning that you need for a night of comfortable sleep. If the back and joint pains from cooking and cleaning get in your way of restful sleep, worry no more because this layer is custom-made with a mum in mind. It hugs and aligns your spinal cord for a pain-free night.
  • Cloud Cool Memory Foam™: The third layer is made from Cloud Cool Memory Foam™️ to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. It ensures that you don’t have to feel your partner or pet getting into and out of bed and contours your body while supporting the primary pressure areas.
  • Origin Innovative Edge Support: As a mum, you don’t have to fear that your child might fall off when jumping on the bed. This becomes less of a worry with this mattress because the 4th Layer has an innovative edge support system to prevent sagging and dipping on the sides. You can sit comfortably at the edge of your mattress without falling or sinking.
  • Origin Reflex Support Layer: Also known as the reflex support layer, it is made with a proprietary blend of high-rebound open-cell foam and latex to provide extra support to the upper layers and the pocket springs for a pain-free, restful night.
  • Origin Base Layer: The sixth layer consists of Ergocell Support Springs™️ to absorb your body weight and distribute it evenly throughout the mattress. The coils are individually wrapped to isolate movement from your partner, child, or pet and offer solid support for any body type.

Why Choose Origin Hybrid Mattress

Winners of “most value for money” award by Wertvolles Design Contest, “Our favourite mattress” award by Drum it Loud, “Best mattress award” by Bester Matratze Design Preis Contest, and “#1 Mattress” by Product Nation Tech.

The German-designed Origin hybrid mattress offers magnificent support and durability you could find in a mattress. It provides ultra cooling during warm nights by absorbing heat and taking it away from your body. In addition, you don’t need to worry about a painful neck and back because it provides orthopedic support and zero motion transfer.

Origin knows how expensive and tiring it is for mums to raise their kids, and that’s why they designed their hybrid mattress comfortable enough to ease their pains yet solid enough to last for a long time. Still not convinced?

Keep reading for more reasons why you should choose the Origin hybrid mattress;

  • It has six layers of perfect comfort
  • 200 nights trial period with 100% money-back guarantee
  • Fast delivery services and hassle-free return
  • 0% interest installment payment option
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Bacteria and virus free
  • Free from bugs and parasites
  • 10-20 years lifespan
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Advantages Of Origin Hybrid Mattress Over Memory Foam

Origin hybrid mattress differs from memory foam mattress in temperature regulation, edge support, comfort, and durability, making it more beneficial. Let’s look at the details of each aspect;

  • Heat Retention: The Origin hybrid mattress has individually wrapped pocket springs that allow air movement leading to a cooling effect. On the other hand, a memory foam mattress has a closed-cell structure which causes heat retention and prevents airflow.
  • Edge Support: The micro-precision springs in the Origin hybrid mattress adapt to pressure and motion for all types of sleepers relieving pain from all pressure points such as shoulders, hips, and back. A memory foam mattress lacks support making it sink under pressure. The aspect leaves the main pressure points unsupported, leading to aches and pains.
  • Durability: The Origin hybrid mattress combines the benefits of latex, memory foam, and pocket spring for extra buoyancy. As a result, it can stand weight and pressure without sinking or falling apart. A memory foam mattress may feel stiff initially but lose its elasticity over time. As a result, it will slowly sink over time and eventually fall apart.

How Origin Hybrid Mattress Compares To Competition

Origin hybrid mattress stays ahead of the competition because it has six layers of perfect comfort, unlike brands like Emma with only four layers and Simba hybrid with five layers. It has a cooling memory foam gel that absorbs body heat and transfers it away. The company offers free delivery and hassle-free returns. Unlike Emma, Simba, Dormio, and Eve with ten years warranty, Origin hybrid provides a 15-year warranty period and a 100% money-back guarantee.


Mums and dads need to get quality sleep which begins with getting the right kind of mattress, such as an Origin hybrid mattress. We recommend it because it’s comfortable and provides the type of support required for them to have a good night’s sleep. It has six layers, with the upper layer covered with a breathable material that promotes airflow.  In addition, it’s durable, comfortable, and provides value for money. When choosing the best hybrid mattress, consider your sleeping position, size of the mattress, comfort, and motion isolation. When you have considered all the factors, you will realize that Origin hybrid fits the description and makes an excellent choice of a hybrid mattress.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Origin Hybrid Mattress buying guide!

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