Penguinbag Children’s Sleeping Bag With Legs Review

Penguinbag Children’s Sleeping Bag With Legs Review A Mum Reviews

Penguinbag Children’s Sleeping Bag With Legs Review  

I’m happy that the weather has finally cooled down because I’ve been waiting to try out our new sleeping bag for our toddler girl. Ever since our daughter was big enough, we’ve used baby sleeping bags but earlier this year, she started moving so much in her sleep that they were not comfortable for her anymore. We’ve since swapped to a toddler duvet but, again because she moves so much during the night, she kicks it off and ends up waking up because she’s cold.

Then I came across The Penguinbag Company and their sleeping bags with legs. That’s exactly what we needed for this stage!Penguinbag Children’s Sleeping Bag With Legs Review A Mum Reviews

Unlike conventional sleeping bags, the Penguinbags keep the little ones’ feet free to stand up, walk around before bedtime and in the mornings and to move around as they sleep without getting tangled in the bag.

The sleeping bags have an outer and inner lining made of 100% cotton fabric and the 2.5 TOG sleeping bag that we have has a 100% polyester filling. A velveteen cotton is used because it’s much less likely to catch fire than regular cotton. Penguinbag Children’s Sleeping Bag With Legs Review A Mum Reviews

The sleeping bags are spacious to create warmth and to ensure your child can move freely and all seams are sewn inwards to ensure comfort. The Penguinbag Company are against the use of chemicals in children’s clothes and only use OEKO-TEX certified fabrics and dyes. The filling is of course also free from chemicals and all products widely exceed the requirements of the European, British, Australian and New Zealand regulations on flammability.Penguinbag Children’s Sleeping Bag With Legs Review A Mum Reviews

The Penguinbags have a long frontal zip that allows children to use the toilet easily. It also has a zip between the legs that goes high up the front and the bag to make it easy to get the legs out for nappy changes.

For safety reasons and comfort there are no buttons, snap buttons or any other small design elements that could go loose. There’s a neck zip slider protection to avoid rubbing and rashes and an interior zip protection cover, too.

The ribbed ankle elastic helps keep the sleeping bag in place and can be folded up for smaller children. We fold ours up at the moment. The elastic is slightly too tight for our girl who is small and slim and that’s the only thing I would change about the Penguinbag. We will solve this by manually stretching it a bit so that it fits her without leaving any marks from the elastic.  Penguinbag Children’s Sleeping Bag With Legs Review A Mum Reviews

The quality of the bag is really lovely! I think it will last a very long time. The size we have is Toddler Small (12 months to 3 years) so we’ll get another year and a half’s use of it, at least.

My daughter really likes wearing it and gets it out of its cupboard in the daytime to dress up in it. She drags it to me and says “Bird Bird”, which is her way of saying ladybird, then jumps up on my lap so that I can help her put it on. It seems really easy to move in whether you’re sleeping, playing or running around.

The Penguinbag Company also make soft ankled booties to keep feet warm at night and they even match the colours of the different bags. Double layered t-shirts with quilted sleeves are also available. They are specifically made to go with the Penguinbags and are ideal for colder nights. The bag itself hasn’t got any sleeves due to safety reasons. Penguinbag Children’s Sleeping Bag With Legs Review A Mum Reviews

The bags are also available in 1 TOG and for bigger kids in sizes Toddler Large (2-4 years) and Junior (4-6 years). The bags come delivered in a nice presentation box which is a lovely detail and great when you are giving one away as a gift.

There are eight fun designs to choose from. Which design is your favourite?

Find out more on The Penguinbag Company‘s website, where you can also buy all products.

We were sent a Penguinbag for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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