Planning a Family Vacation to Oman

Planning a Family Vacation to Oman A Mum Reviews

Planning a Family Vacation to Oman

Oman is a very modernized Islamic country that has happily opened their borders to tourists. They encourage visitors to come and experience Oman and taking a family it is as easy as getting your visas and booking a flight! Everything after the plane though takes a little more planning.

  • Travel During Comfortable Months

It’s no surprise that Oman, a desert country, gets hot. While adults can bear the heat, you shouldn’t be surprised if your kids get cranky and unruly in the weather. The best way to keep everyone happy, comfortable, and lower the risk of possible dehydration is to travel during the pleasant months of the year. Oman’s summer can start as early as the beginning of April.

  • Keeping Everyone Busy

The primary attractions in Oman are either Mosques or outside of the major city limits. For families, this is an additional obstacle in enjoying a vacation with children. The best way to enjoy a family holiday in Oman is to get everyone involved.

Many families chose to spend a few night desert camping in Oman because camping keeps everyone busy and gives everyone a job. You can work through a hotel to map out desert camping for your family to get the most out of the experience.

Aside from desert camping in Oman, you might want to try booking a resort. Many of the resorts in Oman are very westernized and can make your kids feel more comfortable. There are many activities available through these hotels including snorkeling with sea turtles, visiting historical landmarks, and even camel riding on the beach!Planning a Family Vacation to Oman A Mum Reviews

  • Plan for the Size of Your Party

When you’re preparing for your trip, you’ll probably run through a very common checklist for families leaving the country on vacation. Your holiday to Oman will always start with an e-visa. You can check out the Oman visa requirements here!

Afterward, you’ll want to find accommodations that are both family-friendly and good for the size of your group. The tricky number to work with is 5. Families of 4 will have no problems finding adjoining hotel rooms or taking taxis together. But, once you become a group of 5 or more, you will now have to take 2 taxis and book more than 2 hotel rooms. Keep in mind that some resorts have a limit on the number of persons able to use a place regardless of their age.

When you’re planning for the size of your family, you might want to consider just renting an SUV that has enough space for everyone. You should also think about booking a vacation home or apartment.

Although these options for larger groups aren’t as helpful as other options such as hotels that take care of you with a variety of tourist attractions, you’ll all be much more comfortable. Finally, enjoy your big family on vacation and do things that everyone enjoys.

  • Take Advantage of Tours

Tours in Oman are mostly private which for solo travelers is a hard thing to deal with, but for groups is all the better. When you’re on a family vacation or while you’re planning your holiday, a private tour is preferable anyway.

Tours in Oman are exclusively private which means that the entire tour will be just you and your family. Although you should still avoid using TripAdvisor or similar review sites to find a good tour. Instead, ask your hotel staff if they know of any good private tours.

The hotels will always work with a tour company, so you know you’re getting a safe and legitimate tour guide.

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