How to Prepare Your House for Sale

How to Prepare Your House for Sale A Mum Reviews

How to Prepare Your House for Sale

When it comes to selling your home, a lot of major and minor details need to be considered. If you need any big jobs doing, you contacting a property refurbishment company might be a good idea. There are many areas of the home that should be considered but one of the most overlooked but important details are the windows. As eyes are the windows to our souls, windows are the eyes for the house, allowing you to gaze upon the world from the comfort of your own home, which is why it is so important that you get your windows sale-ready.How to Prepare Your House for Sale A Mum Reviews

Step One:

The first step in preparing the windows in your house to be sale or appraisal ready is to replace all broken windows throughout the house. Over time, like many things throughout a house, windows tend to get damaged, scratched, chipped, cracked, or even completely smashed. Replacing these damaged windows in and around the home is the first big step in getting your home sale ready. There are two options when replacing the windows to sell your home, match or replace. Matching the windows would mean getting the same type of glass so that the windows in the house don’t look mismatched. Replacing the windows would require replacing every window with a higher quality glass such as double or triple-paned glass for a higher appraisal. How to Prepare Your House for Sale A Mum Reviews

Step Two:

Once all the windows in and around the house that need replacing have been, the next step is repairing the rest of the necessary windows. This step is more along the lines of repairing and beautifying the window frames. Both of the inside and outside window frames will probably need some attention and TLC. If rot has occurred on the outside window frames, this can be easily repaired yourself with a screwdriver to remove the rotten wood, some wood filler to fill in the gap and a coat of paint to hide the repair. Most of the time, both of the inside and outside window frames will just need a few chips filled up and have a fresh coat of paint to make it sparkle and look like new.How to Prepare Your House for Sale A Mum Reviews

Step Three:

The final step you need to consider when getting your windows sale-ready is a proper cleaning. You will have to clean the nooks and crannies or the window sills to remove all the dust and spider webs that usually gather up. Use a micro-fiber cloth and some all-purpose surface cleaner to get the best results with this part of the cleaning process. Once you get to cleaning the actual glass of the windows, there are many methods to cleaning, with most of them being highly effective. The first part of cleaning the window glass involves using a mild soapy water or window cleaner which is designed to clean the glass without being too harsh on it. If there are marks on the glass that are tough to remove, it would be best to use a soft bristled brush and gently scrub the areas. Drying the windows properly is probably the most important thing to consider because if it is not done right the windows will have water marks or become charged with static electricity and attract more dust. The three best methods would be to use the blade on the back of a squeegee, a micro fiber cloth or newspaper (not paper towel).

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