Printed Promotional Products are Still Important for Most Businesses

Printed Promotional Products are Still Important for Most Businesses

Printed Promotional Products are Still Important for Most Businesses

It’s now 2024 and the way businesses work keep changing in many ways due to the Internet and social media trends. Though a lot of the media that modern customers consume these days is digital – in the form of email newsletter, websites, apps, and more – printed promotional products are still very much relevant and important to most businesses and this is not going to change anytime soon.

There have been advances in these areas too, of course. AuraPrint is a printing specialist that prints products like flyers, business cards, posters, banners, brochures, stickers, playing cards, swing tags, packaging, and more for trade and re-sellers in the UK and the US.

They have a friendly and reliable team, offer a fast turnaround with their services, and high-quality is guaranteed. Lots of different styles of printing is available with cool effects that will help increase your brand’s visibility.

AuraPrint offer an amazingly wide range of products with templates to use and lots of ways to customise the products to get the result that you have imagined. If designing or getting your ideas onto a paper is not your thing, the helpful team can assist you with their design services if you supply a brief for them.

Printed Promotional Products are Still Important for Most Businesses
  • Ensure You Get the Products That You Want with Sample Packs | AD

One of my favourite things about AuraPrint is that they offer sample packs of many of their products so that you can see what they look like in real life and compare the options carefully before choosing your final product. This is such a helpful thing to offer as looking at something on a website can be very different from holding it in your own hands.

Here you can see AuraPrint’s Metallic Foil Sample Pack which is perfect if you are considering foil printing for your promotional products. Foil printing is available on a wide range of products, including invites, leaflets, playing cards, flyers, stickers, business cards, and more.

Opting for details in foil on these products adds a touch of luxury and is sure to make the printed products stand out from the crowd – it’s a great way to grab the attention of your customers and new potential customers too.

This sample pack is a great way to see all the available foil colours in their shimmering glory to help you choose the perfect style for you and takes away the uncertainty that can often come hand in hand with ordering certain things online.

Printed Promotional Products are Still Important for Most Businesses

With this handy sample pack, you can see the 10 different, stunning, and unique foil shades – from the timeless, ever-popular gold foil to quirky rainbow holographic, to stylish black chrome, to warm, beautiful copper, and more. Discover the gorgeous range of foil print options and watch the metallic foils beautifully reflect the light and create an opaque mirror-like image on the surface of the paper.

Inside each foil sample pack, you will also find sample of the different types of paper that AuraPrint can foil – including popular thickness options such as 300gsm (16pt), 350gsm (18pt) and double thick (700gsm, 32pt).

Whatever you are looking for, I’m sure AuraPrint can make it happen for you with their extensive experience and expertise. They only use top quality materials – the very best foil and paper available, and their metallic foil print has the edge over the competition.

The samples have been printed on white and dark blue stock across multiple paper types and finishes and the range of card colours include Ivory, Silk and Uncoated, as well a paper sticker sample. The foil samples are all laminated with the company’s in-house speciality soft touch laminate, which is matt and velvety smooth, and an essential part of the foiling process.

Ordering sample packs from AuraPrint is super easy – simply add the packs you require to your basket and checkout your order. The sample packs are very affordable and are posted as soon as your order is received so you get your samples as soon as possible.

Printed Promotional Products are Still Important for Most Businesses
  • Promote Your Business with Stylish Print Products this Year

It’s a fresh year and the perfect time to up your promotional game with stylish printed products to help promote your business, to reach a wider audience and customer base and to show existing consumers your current offerings too.

Ordering a sample pack like the ones in this article before placing your order will help you decide if a printing company is right for you as you can see and feel the quality in your own hands. With AuraPrint, you can be sure that you will receive high quality printed products with a quick turnaround so that you can make your promotional plans happen for your business quickly and enjoy the results of your campaigns.


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