ProActive Healthcare Davids Premium Toothpaste Review – Strawberry Watermelon

ProActive Healthcare Davids Premium Toothpaste Review

ProActive Healthcare Davids Premium Toothpaste Review | AD

I have been working on reducing our family’s household waste for years now and one product I have been struggling with is toothpaste. It’s been challenging to find a toothpaste that is good quality, that is eco-friendly in terms of ingredients and packaging, and that the whole family can use – and enjoy using! 

I do have good news now though – I have found a great option that ticks all the boxes! Davids is a brand of premium natural toothpaste that is available to buy from ProActive Healthcare, a health and wellbeing store that stocks a great selection of products. 

We have been testing Davids Premium Toothpaste for adults and children in the Strawberry Watermelon flavour.

There are other Davids Premium Toothpaste flavours available from ProActive Healthcare too:

  • Whitening + Antiplaque in Natural Peppermint
  • Whitening + Antiplaque in Natural Spearmint
  • Sensitive + Whitening Nano Hydroxyapatite in Natural Peppermint

The Strawberry Watermelon flavour is ideal for people who like a milder, fruity flavour for their toothpaste. It tastes delicious and the kids love it too! Even though it’s a fruity flavour, it still leaves the mouth feeling very fresh. 

The premium toothpastes from Davids are made using the highest quality naturally derived ingredients that are safe to use and that effectively kill the bad bacteria in your mouth and remove cavity causing plaque. They also whiten teeth naturally, whilst remineralising the enamel on the teeth and freshening breath.

Davids Premium Toothpastes are made with safe and clean, natural ingredients and are free from fluoride and SLS. The formulas are free from artificial flavours, artificial preservatives, artificial colours, and artificial sweeteners. The products are also vegan and cruelty free. 

ProActive Healthcare Davids Premium Toothpaste Review

The packaging is important to me as well and I love the packaging of this toothpaste brand. The sustainable packaging is made from a recyclable metal tube which is exactly what I like for products like this. Included when you purchase the product is a metal tube key to ensure that you can get every bit of products out from the tube. This can be used again for future toothpastes and for other products in the bathroom and the kitchen. 

I’m very happy with this toothpaste and would love to try the other flavours in the future too!


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