Road Trips For Summer 2022

Road Trips For Summer 2022 A Mum Reviews

Road Trips For Summer 2022

Planning a road trip for this summer? Road trips can be a great way to explore and there are many fantastic routes to consider in the UK. Many people will be hesitant to book an overseas holiday this year with COVID-19 still being an issue, plus a road trip can be more affordable and allows you to travel privately. Not only this, but it can be a great way to spend quality time with loved ones and you can tick off multiple places on one trip.

So, what are a few of the best roads trips for this summer?

  • North Coast 500

This incredible 500 mile trip around Scotland’s north coast will show you the breathtaking and unique coastal beauty of the region. Here you will see gorgeous sandy beaches, rugged mountains, sleepy fishing villages and much more on a trip that could change your life. On a lengthy road trip like this, you will want to ensure your car is able to carry the weight of your luggage and handle the distances that you’ll be driving each day.

  • The Great West Way

The Great West Way showcases the great beauty found in the south of England stretching from Bath and Bristol to London and there is a huge amount to see between these fabulous destinations. A few highlights along the way include Stonehenge, Blenheim Palace (birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill), the Cotswolds and the North Wessex Downs. Not only will you be treated to amazing views and be able to enjoy fun activities along the way, but you will also discover England’s rich history and heritage.

Road Trips For Summer 2022 A Mum Reviews
  • The Coastal Way

The Welsh equivalent of the NC500, the Coastal Way is a shorter 180-mile road trip but one that is packed full of highlights. Stretching from Lyn to Pembrokeshire and the entire length of Cardigan Bay, The Coastal Way has highlights that include dolphins, huge mountains, castles and water sports, so there is plenty to keep you entertained.

  • The Atlantic Highway

The Atlantic Highway is shorter still at 70 miles, but there is enough to keep you entertained along the way for a whole holiday. From Devon to Cornwall, you will get to see the great beauty that the southwest has to offer with sandy beaches, rolling hills, pretty fishing villages and bustling towns.

Family Road Trip Tips for an Adventurous Summer Holiday A Mum Reviews

These are 4 of the best road trips in the UK that could be perfect for this summer. There are many benefits to a road trip, especially in a time when many will be hesitant about international travel. The UK also has a huge amount to offer in every region, so you should be able to find plenty of highlights and activities along the way for an unforgettable trip.

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