Slingshotting Your WiFi Signal For The House & Garden

Slingshotting Your WiFi Signal For The House & Garden

Slingshotting Your WiFi Signal For The House & Garden

Although wireless technology has improved dramatically over the past few years, so has the demand of WiFi signal strength and speed from devices. We’re downloading more data than ever before. We’re streaming videos on YouTube, downloading and watching films on Netflix, streaming the latest albums on Spotify and more. It’s little wonder then that although the speed of WiFi has improved, the signal strength and distance leave a lot to be desired. So slingshotting is a method that could help. It’s whereby you remove things out of the way of the signal and use various checkpoints to boost the signal further while maintaining speed.

Slingshotting Your WiFi Signal For The House & Garden

Use your head

Listen, WiFi routers are not magic. They cannot be shoved in a pantry somewhere and still expect to provide you with excellent service. You really do need to babysit them sometimes. So make sure you are aware of these things.

  • Don’t put things on top or below your router. Don’t prevent it from chucking it’s signal out to everyone in the house and don’t prevent it from releasing heat so it stays within good operating temperatures.
  • Don’t crowd it. Some people put their routers in bookshelves and tables with so much stuff on them. The router needs a clearance of 1-meter at least.
  • Don’t shove it in the corner. Put it somewhere it is visible and thus, more likely to beam you the signal directly. So place it on a table of its own, a window sill or counter.

Use a slingshot

If you want to send your signal further, then this is how to extend your wifi signal. You use a mesh WiFi system whereby you have smaller signal dispensers placed around the home and garden. They catch the signal from the router and without it losing any strength, beam it to you. It means the signal doesn’t need to travel as far on it’s own, as you have created little checkpoints which it can use to stop off, get a boost and be on it’s way. This is something needed when the signal is at the edge of its range. So if you want to sit in the garden and watch a film, use a slingshot like this.

Protect it 

It’s a good idea to have suspicions that your router is not performing up to standard and it’s because someone in your neighborhood is taking some of it’s power away. This is why passwords are vital but you should always ask your service provider for how to protect the router from malware. Changing passwords every month is a good idea but you could also download software that shows you how many connections it has currently. So if you have a family household of 4 people and you see 5 people connected to it, something’s not right.

There is plenty you can do to boost your WiFi signal in your house and garden. Use a slingshot method i.e. mesh router kit and don’t stifle the router in the home. 

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