Staying in Touch with Family after Moving Abroad

Staying in Touch with Family after Moving Abroad

Staying in Touch with Family after Moving Abroad | AD

I moved away from my home country and my family over a decade ago, so I know all about the importance of being able to communicate well with family far away and to connect with them in different ways from what you are used to. When I first moved from Sweden to the United Kingdom, I used to talk to my family members on the phone a lot, but these days, our communication is mainly via the internet, via video calls and messages.

It’s wonderful to be able to share important moments and special memories with friends and family, especially when far away. These days, a lot of this is done online via messaging apps or social media platforms which has become the modern way. I have always had some doubts about the way the big traditional social media network sites work though. One of the big concerns for me and many others is privacy, and the way most social media websites track everything we do so that they can sell our data to show us personalised ads while we’re using the platform.

Most of these platforms are mostly focused on what’s happening here and now, which makes finding and preserving older entries and memories difficult and I love reminiscing with my family about fun memories from the past too.

Staying in Touch with Family after Moving Abroad

I have recently come across a new app that does things differently though. Say hello to Simirity, a private alternative to WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Photos, and more. It’s social media that has been reinvented for families to help families feel together even when they’re apart. Most importantly, Simirity is completely safe, private, and ad-free so that you can focus on the things that matter – your families connections and memories.

It’s an excellent place for sharing family memories – photos, videos, voice recordings, text, and more and I love that it’s all organised and searchable so that you can look back at these special moments whenever you want to and share it with your family members to enjoy – all in a private form just for you and your family.

Each family member has a profile that you use to interact with each other and to share things with one another, so that you can hang out and enjoy important moments together, wherever you are. You can share anything you would like to share with your loved ones – perhaps your child’s milestones so that grandparents can see them, moments from special events, photos from family holidays, family recipes, and more.

Staying in Touch with Family after Moving Abroad

Sharing little snippets from my daily life with my family and vice versa is a wonderful way for us to stay connected even though we are far away from each other. Simirity also offers daily reminders to inspire you to connect with past events, for nostalgia, laughter, conversations, and to encourage you to make new plans with your family which is a lovely touch.

It’s such a great idea – I love the privacy aspect especially as I have always had my doubts about sharing a lot of more personal stuff on mainstream social media platforms. Simirity is a much better way of doing it!

The application is beautifully designed too – it is visually pleasing and the layouts for the stories that you can create are great. What a wonderful way to explore storytelling with your family in a safe environment with your own personal social media platform that has been designed to preserve your family’s precious memories.

Staying in Touch with Family after Moving Abroad

Simirity Subscription Options + Early Bird Discount

Simirity is easy to use for the whole family and can be accessed by logging into your account via a web browser and will soon be available as an app to download onto your phone or tablet.

There are two main options when it comes to your Simirity account, but both are 100% private and 100% ad-free. You can enjoy a Free Forever account which is a free personal subscription – this version is a simplified version of the paid service with limited media file uploads. To enjoy full family access, opt for a Family subscription from just $10 per month to share with your family.

To celebrate the launch of Simirity, you can enjoy an early bird discount which is an amazing 50% off for all users until the 31st of March 2024. Head over to to get started.



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