Styling a Beautiful Vase from Refined Home

Styling a Beautiful Vase from Refined Home A Mum Reviews

Styling a Beautiful Vase from Refined Home | AD

When it comes to interior design, I love a minimalist look with just the most loved and important items on display. Though I’m drawn to this minimal look and very much inspired by my Scandinavian roots and family connection to Japan, I also love pops of colour and a touch of tasteful retro. That’s how I would describe my taste in interior design.

A space that I’ve been meaning to do something with is this chest of drawers in our bedroom. It’s been left blank for a while now and, though I love how easy it is to dust, it was most definitely lacking personality! It was time to change that.

Now I have played around with the décor and have added a Marble Pudding Vase from Refined Home who has recently launched a new A/W23 range of stylish jars and vases. Refined Home is a family-run home interior design business with a great product selection. Explore the range of homeware on the company’s website where you can shop online from the comfort of your home.

Styling a Beautiful Vase from Refined Home A Mum Reviews

I couldn’t resist the round shape of the Marble Pudding Vase – it’s so cute! Did you know that round shapes are a great way to soften spaces? Round shapes are feminine and comforting while they also represent energy, power, and completeness. Studies have even shown that circular shapes make us feel happier! What a great reason to add a Marble Pudding Vase to your home!

Each vase is completely unique as it’s been handcrafted from start to finish. The hand-dipped, marble effect glaze looks great, and the vase makes a gorgeous addition to any room. It looks great in our bedroom but would also looks amazing in a kitchen, a hallway, a living room, an office or wherever else you want to place it.  The design is modern and simple yet makes a bold statement at the same time.

The Marble Pudding Vase from Refined Home has a height of 26cm and a diameter of 29cm. It’s a large vase that deserves a prime spot in your home to truly shine. A large sideboard, chest or drawers, or dining table are a few ideal locations that will offer plenty of space to not crowd this delightful vase.

Styling a Beautiful Vase from Refined Home A Mum Reviews

What I love about a striking vase like this is that it gives you the opportunity to change up your décor in minutes by simply swapping out the flowers. This is something that you can do weekly with fresh flowers or seasonally with faux flowers, for example. Marble design vases team beautifully with a range of faux flowers – they look especially stylish with pure white blooms or eucalyptus. I also adore sunflowers (faux or real) with a vase of this colour – I will pick up some when I go food shopping next.

Large flowers like sunflowers, Chrysanthemum or Hydrangea for example all work very well in a vase of this size and shape. Their large, heavy flower heads are balanced well by a large, round vase and there is no risk of the flowers making the vase topple over, which is always a good thing. You can find realistic faux flowers in shops and online or opt for real, fresh flowers, if you prefer.

Luckily, bouquets of flowers are usually not too expensive these days and even the ones from the supermarket can last a long time – it’s a lovely little treat that you are definitely worth! Us mums spend some much of our time putting everyone else first and often only buy things for the kids. It’s time to do something for you and to add some touches to your home that make you smile.

Styling a Beautiful Vase from Refined Home A Mum Reviews

This little makeover has made me very happy! I have chosen to display some of the things that put a smile on my face and that make my house feel homely. For me, this is beautiful homeware in the form of this wonderful vase, with a bit of greenery, a couple of my favourite books that inspire me to see the good in life, and a luxurious scented candle. These simple things mean a lot to me.

Shop now to order a Marble Pudding Vase of your own or choose one of the many other beautiful home décor items from this lovely family-run business. Remember that it’s the interior details that make the biggest difference in how a home looks and feels. Keep a clean and clear base and add interesting and stylish details to create a home that is peaceful and that also expresses your personality.


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