Creating A Beautiful Low-Maintenance Garden

Creating A Beautiful Low-Maintenance Garden for Non-Gardeners A Mum Reviews

Creating A Beautiful Low-Maintenance Garden for Non-Gardeners

In spring and summer, I love spending time in the garden but in a leisurely way. I like to watch the kids play and run around and I love to sit down with husband and enjoy a glass of wine on a summery evening as the sun sets slowly. I even enjoy hanging the washing out in the sunshine, but I do not enjoy gardening. It’s just not for me.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t like to have a beautiful garden just that I’d like it to be as low-maintenance as possible! I think my husband agrees with me as he always complains about cutting the grass and the hedges. At least our children do a good job weeding the lawn as they love picking dandelions!

We will soon be moving to a new house and this will give us a fresh start in all areas of our home including a garden which will be a blank canvas for us to do what we wish with and this time around, I’m determined to make it a beautiful but low effort space for us to enjoy.

So, how can you make a garden green and pretty but low-maintenance?Creating A Beautiful Low-Maintenance Garden for Non-Gardeners A Mum Reviews

Here’s my plan:

  • Privacy – Choose a Fence over a Hedge

The new garden will have a tall wooden fence instead of a thick green hedge that requires a lot of work during the summer. A wooden fence will give us the same privacy and safety but will require no maintenance once it is up and wood as the material will look lovely!

  • Grass – Fake It!

Recently, I’ve seen that many families choose to have artificial grass in their gardens and it makes so much sense! It looks great and is in perfect condition all year round without the need for cutting. It’s also very durable which is wonderful when you have young children running around on it all the time. Artificial grass is definitely on the list for the new garden.Creating A Beautiful Low-Maintenance Garden for Non-Gardeners A Mum Reviews

  • Flowers – Keep Them Contained

Plant easy to care for flowers and plants in plant pots to keep them contained. This also looks tidy and neat. You can, of course, use fake flowers too! There are so many that look real they’re amazing. Hanging them on the fence is a lovely way to add bursts of colour to the garden.

  • Decoration – Choose Other Things

It’s not just living things that can be decorative. I will choose pretty and stylish garden furniture and a large garden parasol maybe in some bright and fun colours to make our new garden more interesting and beautiful.Creating A Beautiful Low-Maintenance Garden for Non-Gardeners A Mum Reviews

I can’t wait for our new easy garden! It will be there for us to enjoy as a family not for working in! Though I do know many people enjoy gardening – I’m just not one of them.

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