Take More Risks With Your Kids to Help Them Grow

Take More Risks With Your Kids to Help Them Grow

Take More Risks With Your Kids to Help Them Grow

Like many parents, I can be a bit overprotecting with my children which is completely natural. I do know that it is important to (safely) take some risks to help encourage children to be more independent, resilient and resourceful too. My husband is much better than this than I am, but I am currently reading a book on the topic to learn more about this.

Take More Risks With Your Kids to Help Them Grow

50 Risks to Take With Your Kids by Daisy Turnbull covers ages 0-10 years and encourages parents to take risks to help develop physical, social and character skills. Risk do not have to be a bad thing; they don’t have to be dangerous or reckless at all but can simply mean to encourage your children to take risks in controlled and monitored environments and this can be so beneficial to their development.

Careful risk-taking will help your children in so many ways. The word “risk” makes it sound dangerous but risks really don’t have to be at all. It even includes small things like choosing your own outfits, talking to new people and climbing trees. Things that will help your children’s confidence grow and their personality blossom.

Climbing Trees

We as parents can help our children by moving away from helicopter parenting and putting an end to trying to be a perfect parent. After this year especially, we could do with taking some of the pressure off while also helping our children’s development. We can actively take small risks with our children at home or when out and about and reap the benefits.

50 Risks To Take With Your Kids

The author of the book, Daisy Turnbull, is a mother herself and also a teacher (Director of Wellbeing at St Catherine’s School) so she has plenty of first-hand experience with children of different ages. In her new book, we look at risks for different age groups and each risk is explained with the reasoning behind it and how to implement it safely.

The book is easy and fun to read, makes perfect sense and is very inspiring. Some things I hadn’t even thought about as risks – like a child ordering their own drink at a café – but reading more and learning more, I can see how it is a small risk that also helps your child’s confidence improve. Doing things that are a little bit scary, a little bit difficult and out of our comfort zones is good for all of us but especially for children.

50 Risks to Take With Your Kids

The book includes 50 risks to take with your kids. I am reading the book from cover to cover first, then I’ll work through it again and tick of the risks! The book was written with lots of research from top psychologists and parenting experts and is an inspiring read that encourages parents to get that balance of supporting and caring for our children whilst also encouraging them to be independent and make their own choices. It is especially important with today’s young generation that is more protected and supervised than ever with all our modern technology.

The tips and risks in the book cover ages 0-10 years and it’s a great idea to take these parenting risks before the teenage years and focus on developing the important physical, social and character skills before the sometimes very difficult teenage years.

Motherhood Parenting

Let’s do this! Let’s take controlled risks, help our children develop all their essential skills whilst also having lots of fun. It will help the entire family now and in the future.

Get the new book 50 Risks to Take With Your Kids by Daisy Turnbull and join in!

This book was provided to me for this feature. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Contains a sponsored link.

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