The 14 Day Challenge To A Tidy Home

The 14 Day Challenge To A Tidy Home A Mum Reviews

The 14 Day Challenge To A Tidy Home

Many of us try to get into better habits and routines at the start of the year and how we look after our homes is an important aspect of this. It can be difficult to get started though so a bit of a push can be helpful if you’re looking to get better at keeping your home clean and tidy. VonHaus have created a 14 day challenge to help with just this and I’m joining in  are you with me?

Starting today (but you can of course start whenever suits you), VonHaus have challenged me to complete one cleaning/organisational task around the home each day, that will ultimately result in a tidy house! By focussing on one task or area each day, it will not feel overwhelming and all the small jobs done well will add up to a home that is clean, tidy and more organised which in turn will make you feel happier and more relaxed, I’m sure.

Here’s the 14 Day Challenge To A Tidy Home:

  • Day 1: Bins and recycling: sort through all the bins in your house and get your recycling separated.
  • Day 2: Wipe down your kitchen units and steam the cooker tops.
  • Day 3: Empty and clean out the fridge freezer  don’t forget the kitchen cupboards!
  • Day 4: Vacuum Day: Focus on the floors, give all the rooms in your house a good vacuum.
  • Day 5: Vacuum Day: Move the furniture and hoover those hard to reach areas of your home.
  • Day 6: Clean the windows inside and out!
  • Day 7: Wash the curtains and wipe down the blinds.
  • Day 8: Take everything off the sideboards, shelves and get dusting!
  • Day 9: Get your bedding, blankets and cushions washed after all everyone loves fresh bedding!
  • Day 10: Wardrobes: Clear out any old clothing, reorganise and wipe down your wardrobes.
  • Day 11: Remove wrinkles from clothing, curtains and upholstery.
  • Day 12: Wash out your shower, shower screen and/or bath.
  • Day 13: Let’s mop: give your floors an antibacterial clean and wipe down the tiles.
  • Day 14: Finally take a trip to the tip: Declutter your home from unwanted clothes, items or food and take it to the tip, food bank or local charity shop.

I’m already on task 1 and am sorting out all our bins and recycling today! DOMU Brands have also sent me a VonHaus 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner (available from here) to try out and it should help me with this cleaning challenge and beyond. I’ll be back with a full review at the end of the challenge, when I’ll also let you know how the challenge has gone for me.The 14 Day Challenge To A Tidy Home A Mum Reviews

Good luck to you if you’re joining in too! Let’s get our houses organised and tidy!

In collaboration with VonHaus.

The 14 Day Challenge To A Tidy Home A Mum Reviews


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