The Best Places to Visit in France

The Best Places to Visit in France

The Best Places to Visit in France

France is a travel destination that pretty much offers everything, from bustling city life, beautiful countryside views, stunning beaches, impressive mountains, and amazing vineyards too. In this article, I have gathered some of the best places to visit in France.

Pick a destination, book your tickets, and make an eBooking for your accommodation, pack your bags and head out on a French adventure!

  • Paris

You can’t write an article about travel destinations in France without mentioning the capital city Paris. It’s an amazing city full of landmarks that everyone should visit at least once, lots of museums, galleries and restaurants. The buildings are beautiful and it’s a city of culture whether you’re into fashion, art, theater or food. Paris is an amazing place to be in the daytime exploring the city and at night enjoying the nightlife.

The Best Places to Visit in France
  • Provence

This is a region in southeast France bordering Italy and with a coast on the Mediterranean Sea. It’s known for its diverse landscapes with Alps , forests, vineyards and lavender fields. A stunning place to visit if spending time in nature is important to you, walking/hiking or doing outdoor activities such as canoeing or rock climbing. There are some impressive cities and resort towns on the coastline too – Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez and Marseille to mention a few. More about some of them further down.

  • Burgundy

If wine is your thing, head to Burgundy and tour the vineyards and villages sampling some of the most famous wines in the world. There’s more to Burgundy than just wine though – if you’re interested in history, this is a great place to visit too with renaissance castles and medieval abbeys, villages and market towns that show the history of France. In Burgundy, you’ll also find Morvan National Park with lakes and villages with lots of family-run restaurants with amazing local food.

The Best Places to Visit in France
  • Carcassonne

If you’d like to be transported back into medieval times, you need to visit Carcassonne which looks like a medieval fairy tale city placed on top of a hilltop. It has gone through lots of renovation work to still be here today as the finest fortified medieval city in Europe. Enjoy lots of fun gift shops and wonderful restaurants in this unique city!

The Best Places to Visit in France
  • Cote d’Azur

Cote d’Azur is the French Riviera on the Mediterranean coast in the Southeast. Enjoy the glamorous beach resorts Saint-Tropez and Cannes for a summery get away with seemingly endless beaches, the turquoise sea and plenty of sunshine. It’s a truly colourful place to be, with lots of pastel coloured houses, the bright sky and water and the bright pink rosé wine too. There’s more than just the coast though – you’ll also find lots of wonderful restaurants and art galleries to visit in the villages away from the shoreline.

Have any of these French destinations made it onto your travel list? These are just some of the special places to visit in France – there are plenty more too!

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