The Effects Of Low Testosterone In Men

The Effects Of Low Testosterone In Men

The Effects Of Low Testosterone In Men

Testosterone is found in both males and females. However, men have higher levels of it than females. Its production increases in puberty and starts decreasing after age 30.

Each year after age 30, this hormone level slowly reduces by one percent. And most often, this reduction is a result of natural aging.

This hormone helps maintain several bodily functions in men, such as red blood cell production, sperm production, sex drive, fat distribution, strength, muscle mass, and bone density. Since testosterone affects so many functions in the human body, the decrease can bring about significant effects.

Let’s take a look at what these effects are.

  • Difficulties in the Bedroom

Testosterone is an important part for men’s sexual health and for sexual performance. It can stimulate the brain receptors to produce nitric oxide which is a molecule that triggers chemical reactions needed for a man to perform. If a man has low levels of testosterone, he will most likely experience difficulties in this area. Custom testosterone replacement therapy program play a role in treating this kind of dysfunction. But, research on it is still inconclusive.

  • Reduced Energy

A common effect of low levels of testosterone is fatigue. Sometimes you may feel that you don’t just have the energy you are used to or need. Or you might be incredibly tired. However, several things can reduce your energy, too, including depression and aging.

It would be best if you got enough to sleep to raise your energy level. Getting a minimum of 7 to 8 hours each night is advisable. Then, you can see your doctor to get more help with fatigue.

The Effects Of Low Testosterone In Men
  • Emotional changes

Like how testosterone affects physical changes, it can also affect you emotionally. This condition often leads to depression or feeling sadness.

Some people usually have trouble concentrating or with their memory and might also experience lowered self-confidence and motivation. In addition, it affects your emotional regulation.

For example, studies have linked low testosterone in men to depression. And this could result from a combination of decreased sex drive, irritability, and fatigue that often accompanies lows testosterone.

  • Reduced Muscle Mass

A physical effect of low levels of the hormone in men is reduced muscle mass. This is because the hormone has a role in muscle mass development.

Therefore, a reduced hormone level would result in a significant loss of muscle mass. In a review, low levels of it were shown to cause a reduction in muscle mass while the strength and function of the muscles did not diminish.

The Effects Of Low Testosterone In Men
  • Low Blood Count

In a research article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, doctors linked its low levels with an increased risk for anemia.

However, according to the research, when testosterone gel was administered to anemic men with reduced levels of the hormone, there was an improvement in the blood count compared to those who used a placebo gel.

Anemia can cause difficulty concentrating, leg cramping, abnormal rapid heart rate, dizziness, and difficulty sleeping.

  • Sleep Disturbances

Low levels of this hormone in men can significantly cause insomnia, low energy levels, and other sleep patterns changes. In addition, a replacement therapy might contribute to or even cause sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a severe medical control that causes breathing to stop and repeatedly start while sleeping. It can also disrupt sleep patterns while increasing your risk of other complications like having a stroke.

On the other hand, it can also result from changes in the body due to sleep apnea. You might not have sleep apnea, but the hormone being low may still contribute to a reduction in the hours of sleep.

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  • Increased Body Fat

You not only lose your muscles with low testosterone, but you can also gain fat. When you do not build muscles with calories that you gained or the physical activity, your body turns those calories into fat.

You might lose muscles whenever you start to lose extra fat or weight from dieting. If you are overweight, maintain a healthy diet to cut off extra pounds, especially in the belly area.

Wrap Up

Women experience a rapid drop in their hormone levels at menopause. On the other hand, men would see a gradual reduction of their testosterone over time. As a man gets older, he experiences below-normal levels of the hormone.

You can get a blood test conducted by your doctor and get the recommended treatment while also discussing the risks and benefits of restoring medications.

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