The Importance of Spending Time with Your Family

The Importance of Spending Time with Your Family

The Importance of Spending Time with Your Family

Did you know that more than half of British parents (57%) prioritise work over family time? This is the result of a survey carried out by Wooden Furniture Store who have recently launched a quiz and interactive website all about work/home balance. The website provides tips and advice on how people can spend more time with their loved ones and helps you establish a better work/home life balance. You can take the quiz here.

I took the quiz and found out that I’m doing alright but it’s so easy to work too much and bring home too much work. I work for myself, from home, and have at least one child with me at all times and that’s makes it even more difficult. I have to be strict with when I do work and when I don’t and, generally, I don’t work in the evenings and avoid working at the weekends unless I’ve had a day off in the week and need to catch up for a couple of hours.

It’s a bit easier now that my eldest is at pre-school for a few days a week. The school run takes up over two hours of our day each of those days but when my youngest and I are back home, it’s easier to work efficiently as she usually has her nap and that’s when I sit down to work.

Ideally, it would be good to not do any social media activity in the evenings or at weekends too and I avoid most of the channels during these times, except for the occasional Instagram post.

When we move to a new house, my husband and I will have a shared home office which will make it easier separating work life from home life as all work can be done in that room. When you leave that room, there’s no more work.

It’s so important to spend proper time with your family and not just be in the same room on your tablets and phones. When we have family time, we like to play a game, read some books together, build with Lego, do crafts or eat a meal at the table, enjoying the company, food and talking about our days. At the weekends, we try to get out for a walk together when the weather allows!

How’s your work/home life balance? What do you do to create a good balance?Essential Packing Tips for Any Holidaying Family A Mum Reviews


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