The Rise of Bleisure Travel: Attracting Business and Leisure Guests

The Rise of Bleisure Travel: Attracting Business and Leisure Guests

The Rise of Bleisure Travel: Attracting Business and Leisure Guests

Bleisure, a major term that has gained popularity today, simply means balancing work and play. Many short-term rental property businesses have turned to combining work and leisure to attract more business customers. And to say they have succeeded would be an understatement.

Everyone is used to boundaries between work and play. But how about you try out bleisure today? You can simply provide a variety of amenities and services in your properties that cater to the needs of every traveler.

  • Flexible Accommodation Options

The days of business visitors being restricted to generic rooms with minimal recreational options are long gone. Short-term rental properties are embracing flexibility these days by providing a variety of lodging choices that suit the needs of all travelers.

Whether they are in town for a conference or just want to rest after a long day of meetings, there’s something for everyone, from roomy houses with ergonomic offices to smaller condos with opulent amenities.

The Rise of Bleisure Travel: Attracting Business and Leisure Guests

  • Tailored Packages and Deals

Many short-term rental properties such as those on Airbnb, Vrbo, and other accommodation sites are relying on innovative packages and discounts to attract guests. You can also do the same. You simply have to offer several incentives to extend your guests’ trips. Offer any kind of leisure activities such as free breakfasts, discounts on nearby tourist attractions, and even lower rates for longer stays.

Ensure that you have all the Airbnb supplies to cater to all your guests’ needs regardless of the length of their stay.

  • Work-Life Balance Facilities

Every business person must keep a good work-life balance even while they are on business travels. Because of this, many property owners have made investments in spaces that serve both business and pleasure.

This ensures that everyone is working and being productive during the day and unwinding in the evenings. Some of the common business amenities include an office with ergonomic chairs, a high-quality printer with scanning and faxing capabilities, and business-grade Wi-Fi. You can offer guests exercise equipment, a pool, and a well-furnished living room for relaxation.

  • Networking Opportunities

There is another major perk that comes with bleisure travel. If your guests are on that type of trip, they have numerous chances to network with professionals who share similar interests. Many short-term rental properties have office meeting rooms for work and large living rooms for socializing. You can create these spaces in your short-term rental to facilitate bleisure networking.

The Rise of Bleisure Travel: Attracting Business and Leisure Guests

    • Destination Experiences

    Without seeing and doing everything the local area has to offer, a trip cannot be considered complete. To assist guests in getting the most out of the trip, hosts can highlight local eateries, sights, and cultural events.

    There’s plenty to keep guests occupied during their visits whether their interests lie in shopping, sightseeing, or sampling the local fare.

    • Personalized Services

    Hosts are recognized for providing individualized services that begin the moment visitors check in to make the stay as convenient and comfortable as possible. Whether it’s arranging for transportation or recommending restaurants, hosts go above and beyond to satisfy guests’ specific needs and preferences.

    • Feedback and Improvement

    Feedback is very essential for any service provider. It will enable them to enhance their services. This is why you will find many short-term rental property hosts seeking feedback from guests. They can offer questionnaires and remark cards to get the answers they need to improve their services.


    If you are a property owner who deals with accommodation services, you need to advance your business by providing bleisure travel. You will be able to attract business and leisure guests with ease. You can simply offer flexible accommodation service options, customized package deals, and more.

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