The Top 10 Sites for Creatives to Use for Projects

The Top 10 Sites for Creatives to Use for Hobby or Work Projects A Mum Reviews

The Top 10 Sites for Creatives to Use for Hobby or Work Projects

The internet is a great source of inspiration and resources for creative people whether you’re a hobby crafter, a graphic designer, a teacher, student or other creative. The internet is a big place though, so in this post I’ve narrowed down the top 10 sites for creatives to use for hobby or work projects to help you find great websites to explore.

I’ve tried to find websites that offer different things and, in this guide, you’ll find some brilliant sites for design resources whether you’re looking for photos, videos, graphics, illustrations, fonts, editing options or just inspiration for your projects.

I’m sure the list will include some resources that are new to you, so do read on…

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Top 10 Sites for Creatives

  1. Photo Creator

Stock photos can be great for projects but it’s easy to use a photo that lots of other people already have used and seen around, especially when using free stock images. If you want a photo that no one else has, you can of course take your own but that’s not always possible. For a quick and easy way to get a unique photo, check out Photo Creator which allows you to combine different stock photos to make a unique image. What a cool idea!

  1. Humaaans

In a similar way to Photo Creator, Humaaans is a resource that lets you create your own designs featuring vector illustrations of humans that you can mix and match and position in whichever way you like. Your creations are then free to use — both for commercial and personal use. It’s a very useful resource for all kinds of projects.

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  1. Ouch Pics

If you don’t need to customise your vector illustrations for your projects, check out’ free selection of vector illustrations. They’re very well made — stylish, colourful and trendy — and can be the perfect addition to an app or a website development for example. Great if you need to source a good quality vector image quickly.

  1. brings you high quality craft-friendly bundles at affordable prices. Each bundle has been created by a team of designers to ensure they are exactly what you need, whether you’re a new crafter or an experienced one. Every bundle comes with a complete license too, so you don’t need to worry if you’re creating products to sell on if you’re crafting for a living.


As an alternative to Craft Bundles, check out which is a website full of affordable digital products such as Graphics, Templates, Mock Ups, Patterns, Illustrations and Craft Files. It’s got a huge customer base and on the site you can browse over 150,000 Marketplace Products and on Curated Design Bundles with up to 96% off the Regular Retail Price. Design Bundles specialises in connecting talented independent designers with discount seeking customers through their easy to use Design Marketplace. The perfect site for high quality design resource for bargain prices.

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  1. Noun Project

Icons can be very useful for different types of project but especially web design. If you’re looking for something unique and free, check out The Noun Project for over two million curated icons, created by a global community and available for use by designers and creatives. You’ll be able to find something that fits perfectly for the project you’re working on.

  1. Dafont

Many design projects require the use of fonts and my favourite font size is Dafont. It’s pretty much the only one I use as they always have what I need. Dafont has a huge archive of downloadable fonts that you can browse by alphabetical listing, by style, by author or by popularity. Some are free for personal use only but there are loads that are free for commercial projects too. You can try each font in the browser too, to see if it works well with the words you have in mind. I find this feature so useful and it saves me a lot of time when I’m trying to find the perfect font for a design I’m working on.

The Top 10 Sites for Creatives to Use for Hobby or Work Projects A Mum Reviews

  1. Life of Vids

If you need video content for a personal or commercial project, Life of Vids offers free videos for anyone who can make use of them. They’re all available to download and you can create infinite loops with most of them which is handy! Great for website and app development to bring your content to life.

  1. Canva

Canva is a graphic design tool that you can use in your browser without having to download anything. It’s really easy to use and is very powerful too. It can do lots of basic design tasks efficiently and quickly. Great if you need an editing tool but don’t have access to Photoshop or similar. Canva is really popular among influencers who need to be able to draw up designs quickly for social media promotions and content.

The Top 10 Sites for Creatives to Use for Hobby or Work Projects A Mum Reviews

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best sites for creatives and designers when it comes to inspiration. On Pinterest you can find all kinds of things, search for specific genres or just scroll and see where it takes you. You might get an idea for an illustration browsing recipes — you never know. I use Pinterest a lot for all kinds of inspiration for work projects and personal ones too, like crafting.

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Having access to amazing resources like the websites above, will make your creative hobby or work easier and more efficient but also more enjoyable too. I love using these sites for my work as a graphic designer and blogger and find them so helpful for both work and personal creative projects.

With the right resources, I feel more productive and creative and my design process becomes more streamlined and effective.

I hope this list of sites for creatives has been useful for you too! Have you found something new that you’ll be using for future creative projects? If you have any other recommendations, please share in the comments below.

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The Top 10 Sites for Creatives to Use for Hobby or Work Projects A Mum Reviews


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