The TV and Movie Toys Trend is Here to Stay

The TV and Movie Toys Trend is Here to Stay

The TV and Movie Toys Trend is Here to Stay

My kids love playing with all sorts of toys. They love things like Lego, trains, pretend play toys like wooden foods and also love toys with characters from their favourite TV shows and films. I think it’s great that they play with various toys and in lots of different ways but it is clear that the TV and movie toys trend is here to stay and growing too. I think it’s a fun trend and I have experienced that it’s quite long-lasting too as many of the shows are loved for a long time and my own children have had many of the same toys even though it’s five years between my eldest and youngest.

A big reason why this trend is so successful is that children these days watch a lot more TV and films with their favourite shows being easily available on streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube at any time of the day and as many times as they want to watch it. The growing popularity of children’s TV shows and movies has led to a big market of themed toys, games and other merchandise.

Lego Batman and Superman

It’s not surprising that children love toys that feature their favourite characters from TV shows that they love and are familiar with. I remember buying my eldest daughter a bunch of Paw Patrol figures that she adored (and still has on display in her room) and she also had a selection of Peppa Pig figurines that our youngest daughter is now playing with. For slightly older children, Octonauts is a huge hit and naturally Octonauts toys are one of the hottest lines at the moment too.

When analysing the industry, you can see clear online search engine trends correlating to the release of new shows or seasons and new blockbuster movies.

It’s a win-win for the industry and the kids as the children get to enjoy a greater engagement with their favourite shows and characters away from the screens which will develop the interest in the characters and the stories and keep the interest up for the show too.

For the industry, it’s a big part of the profit too since many of the shows and films are available to watch for free or for a low cost.

The TV and Movie Toys Trend is Here to Stay

My girls love themed figures that they can display and play with and the also love books, accessories, clothes and fancy dress featuring their favourite films and TV shows. I remember fondly having a Lion King towel and an Aladdin pyjamas when I was little – there’s definitely something about the familiarity that gives children a special connection with themed toys and accessories like this.

It doesn’t end when children stop playing with toys either. Tweens, teens, and grown-ups too enjoy TV and movie themed clothing, accessories, and collectibles and even toys. For example, we often see new releases of Lego sets that are themed to popular TV shows or films and many grown-up buy these for themselves too. I do aswell – I bought myself a Lego Central Perk set as my husband and I love Friends.  

What are you children’s favourite toys? Do they enjoy TV and Movie toys?

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