The Ultimate Galentine’s Gift Guide to Gifting for Mums

The Ultimate Galentine’s Gift Guide to Gifting for Mums A Mum Reviews

The Ultimate Galentine’s Gift Guide to Gifting for Mums

Galentine’s is a real thing because women all over the world say it’s a real thing! Rather than focusing on the men in our lives, if we have any, Galentine’s gives us a chance to focus on ourselves and the women we love when Valentine’s Day rolls around once a year. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about gifting on Galentine’s for the woman in your life who has probably done the most for you; your mum! Now, if you aren’t close with your Mum, you can replace “mum” with “best friend” or “sister”; whatever works for you! 

There are lots of options that will put you in your mum’s good books for the rest of the year or even beyond: flowers, best selling women’s perfume, book subscriptions, and wine of the month clubs. The gift you get depends on the woman you’re gifting for, but if you’re a little stumped on where to start, don’t worry; we’re here for you! We’ve got a bunch of great suggestions that you can either use or use as a jumping-off point to start figuring things out for yourself.

The Ultimate Galentine’s Gift Guide to Gifting for Mums A Mum Reviews
  1. Books

The kind of book that you choose for your mum will depend on her likes and dislikes. Naturally, if she doesn’t like to read, we suggest you go with another gift idea! Or perhaps try an audiobook instead. The world of books as gifts is wide: self-help, fiction, fantasy, cooking, gardening, decorating, philosophy, myths, and horror. We recommend reading the reviews of any genre you choose before jumping in; other readers will always be honest about their experiences! If you’re really lost, let the professionals choose for you. Go with a subscription service or book club membership and get her a few different options to choose from. Books are the gift that keeps on giving, and a well-chosen one lets the receiver know that you’ve thought about the present and whether or not they’ll like it.

  1. Perfume

Perfumes, like books, require a great deal of thought, research and an intimate knowledge of the recipient’s preferences. Scent is probably something a mum has discussed with her best friends or daughters; if you don’t fall into either category, we suggest you ask them for their input. If she likes fresh, light scents, something musky will not do the trick, so snoop a little if she has perfumes already (if the snooping is for a good cause, it’s ok!). One quick whiff of each should be enough to tell you where her preferences lie! A delicious scent can genuinely increase a woman’s confidence, so choose well!

The Ultimate Galentine’s Gift Guide to Gifting for Mums A Mum Reviews
  1. High-Quality Bedding

Mums work hard! They deserve to slide into a super comfy bed at the end of the day. Gifting them a set of truly elegant and luxurious bedding will help them relax while they sleep, read, watch TV or just hang out. There are some areas in life when you can really feel the difference, and the thread count is one of those areas. High thread count and natural fabrics are the only way to go when selecting bedding. These will feel best on the skin and last for many years of comfy slumber.

  1. An Experience

We know this is a broad topic, but once again, we need to remind you that different experiences will work for different women. An experience could be a day trip to a spa where your mum is completely pampered and waited on hand and foot. It could be a weekend hiking trip over some magnificent mountains, a wine-tasting day at a vineyard, a class on how to make fresh pasta, a course on how to use power tools or whatever you know her heart has been secretly yearning for. While an experience can be had only once, the memory of doing something you’ve wanted to do for a long time will stick with you, possibly for the rest of your life. What better way to show your mum you love her!

The Ultimate Galentine’s Gift Guide to Gifting for Mums A Mum Reviews
  1. A Coupon

Ok, we know this sounds deceptively like what you used to do when you were little, but this is not just a coupon for free hugs! It’s a coupon for whatever she wants. For you to help change all the lightbulbs, for a weekend alone in the house (you might have to have your other parent sleep on your sofa for that one!), for a massage, a hair appointment, help in the garden. The point is, she gets to name it! So the power to choose whatever she really wants is in her hands.

Wrap Up

Whichever of these options you choose, we know your mum’s going to be grateful for all the thought you put into her Galentine’s gift. The most important thing is that it comes from your heart to hers. Happy Galentine’s Day!

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