The Updates Worth Making To Your Home For Spring/Summer 2019

The Updates Worth Making To Your Home For Spring/Summer 2019 A Mum Reviews

The Updates Worth Making To Your Home For Spring/Summer 2019

With every new year brings on a list of new year’s resolutions, and you’ll usually find yourself setting yourself one associated to your home. Whether it’s to tackle a big painting job, putting extension plans into place, or simply to get round to doing a bit of decorating, it’s easy to put them off due to time or money.

Updating your home doesn’t have the cost the Earth, nor take up all of your time. You just have to think strategically about what needs to be done, and what is worthy of your time and money.

To make updating your home a little simpler, we’ve put together a list of trends and ideas for the home which are due to be big for spring/summer 2019. So no matter which room needs tackling, the below list might inspire you to get making those updates for a house you can be proud of in 2019.

  • ‘Millennial Pink’ is set to be big for interiors

This grapefruit, pastel shade of pink first reared its head in 2017 but has slowly become more and more in demand. Now that 2019 has arrived, this fresh, feminine yet neutral shade is set to be bigger than ever for home accessorising.

It’s a peaceful shade which interior designers have been implementing across carpets, walls and accessories – but only in ‘feature’ use. This means using for bedroom carpets, selected walls throughout the home, and for key pieces of furniture, like a stand-alone sofa.

Due to its nude undertones, it’s actually quite gender neutral and makes a great base colour for any type of living space.

The Updates Worth Making To Your Home For Spring/Summer 2019 A Mum Reviews

  • Luxury, rich expressionism

This spring season, expect to see the trend for luxury and rich furnishings explode. Plush, expensive looking furnishings will mainly be seen in the living area in the form of soft sitting arrangements – think sofas, armchairs, and ottomans. They are all big and soft, enveloping the body into velvet and rounded shapes. If you are looking to update a few statement pieces of furniture for your home this spring, perhaps look at investing in ottoman’s which double up as storage, or a large, focal point armchair.

  • Give your rooms a colour update

The natural influence and minimalistic colour scheme are strong for 2019, especially for rooms such as your bathroom and kitchen. Rather than bold, statement hues, look to a more subtle palette, like muted shades of apricot, sage green and dusky pink – similar to the Millennial Pink mentioned above. For bathrooms, try to keep this room fuss-free, choosing white basins and baths, set against soft grey tiling. Your bathroom should reflect relaxation, in which you can find plenty of tips on how to create this from this article based on creating a dream bathroom.

Greys, whites, creams, pinks and sage shades have a certain earthy appeal that feels classy and not obtrusive. Introduce the new-season palette to your home with simple, cost-effective updates: new crockery or a cool, statement kitchen accessory.

The Updates Worth Making To Your Home For Spring/Summer 2019 A Mum Reviews

  • Choose natural updates

As sustainability is huge for 2019, look at playing to the sustainability trend, especially through the materials you choose to update. The Scandinavian interior style embraces this beautifully.

You can find some lovely natural fabrics and upholstery for sofas and soft furnishings. If you’re ready to renovate, consider solutions such as the use of granite or marble on counters and eco-friendly woods for cabinetry. These same woods can be incorporated into less drastic interior updates. In particular, you’ll find that plantation pine or fast-growing woods like acacia and bamboo are becoming more accessible, and being used more often for new furnishings and accessories.

  • Inject some print into the home

One of the key ways to add excitement to interiors in 2019 is through the use of pattern and print. If you have been discussing decorating the walls of some of your rooms, remember that rather than going all out with a loud wallpaper, let the room act as the backdrop and consider just updating a feature wall. Or, work graphic accents into each space through furniture and details. Large graphic printed rugs can make a great update rather than having a whole new carpet fitted.

If you’re feeling daring or experimental, make a printed sofa the centrepiece. Otherwise, look to soft furnishings: throws, cushions and rugs.

The Updates Worth Making To Your Home For Spring/Summer 2019 A Mum Reviews

  • Go sophisticated with lighting

Lighting is the ultimate show off impeccable taste. It’s amazing how much changing up your lighting can improve the look, feel and aesthetic of your rooms. By adding spotlights to the ceilings of a large kitchen and dining space, you’ll give a more premium, neater look to your dining space. However, large floor lamps work for living rooms and hallways, giving that cosy warm glow.

Aim to replace any old lampshades – especially if you own any fabric ones – and update with modern wire, chrome or exposed bulb designs. The difference will be astonishing. You’ll have a stylish, scandi style looking home in no time!

Remember to make those interior resolutions to update your home in 2019 and stick with them. You can increase efficiency, customise your lighting, update your bathroom or create new backdrops – whatever it is that may be on your list. You’ll feel so much better when you have an updated stylish home to show for it.

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