These Green Upgrades will Add a Lot of Value to your Home

These Green Upgrades will Add a Lot of Value to your Home

These Green Upgrades will Add a Lot of Value to your Home

If you want to make your home greener or more energy-efficient then you need to try and focus on these upgrades. If you do then you will soon find that it is easier to add value to your home, which can translate to you making more money later down the line.

  • Use Energy-Efficient Lighting

If possible, use energy-efficient lighting in all areas of your house. Make sure that all of the bulbs within your home are LED as this will reduce your carbon dioxide consumption. If you make the switch to LEDs then this can improve your home’s energy rating too, which can translate to more buyers being interested in your home. This is a very good way for you to rocket your property’s appeal and you may even find that it brightens your rooms up too. If you want to step things up a notch, then one thing you can do is try and get some smart lighting. This is a very good investment and allows you to control the ambience of each room.

These Green Upgrades will Add a Lot of Value to your Home
  • Draught-Proofing

Draught-proofing is one of the best ways for you to save money, energy and even carbon. You may also find that your heating is way more efficient and this means that you don’t put as much pressure on your system. Of course, if your budget doesn’t stretch to you having a professional to come do your draught-proofing for you then you can easily opt for some heavy curtains as a quick fix. This is a great way for you to keep way more heat within your property.

  • Add Solar Panels

If you want to add value to your home then one thing you can do is invest in some solar panels. When you add some solar panels to your home, you will find it easier to get the result you are looking for when the time comes to sell. With solar panels, you can take advantage of free energy, which will benefit you in terms of your bills from now until you sell. You can also get a huge return on your investment when you do sell up as well, which is major, to say the least. If you do want to invest in solar panel installation then all you have to do is contact a company online to get a quote. You shouldn’t attempt something like this yourself, because if you do then you may find that you end up reducing your home’s value.  

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  • Replace your Doors and Windows

Replacing your doors and windows will help you to reduce your energy bills and it will also lower your carbon footprint. Triple-glazing is very popular but the cost of this will vary depending on the material and the style you want to go for. PVC windows tend to be cheaper but if you did want to go for something more luxurious then you could go for hardwood frames. These are more expensive, but they can add a nice edge to your property if you are going for the more traditional style.

  • Install some Heating Controls

If you install your heating controls properly then you can save a lot of money on your bills. You may even find that you can lower your carbon emissions as well. Make a point of setting your thermostat to the lowest temperature possible. Even if you just turn it down by one degree, you will soon find that this makes a major difference to your home.  Buyers love the idea of tech, and if you can make sure that your home comes with solid heating controls then this will help you to get the best result out of your sale.

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  • Insulate your Loft

Unless you have a flat which is on the middle floor, you may find that you lose a lot of heat through the roof. If you can add some extra insulation then this will help you out way more than you realize. What’s more, is that if your roof is easy to access with no damp or condensation issues, you can probably take care of this yourself. 

  • Insulate your Walls

Did you know that one-third of all heat lost within the home happens through the walls? Now is the time for you to add some insulation there as well. A lot of homes have cavity walls, and if this is the case with your home then you can easily fill it. You may need to hire a professional to do this for you, but when you do, you can feel confident knowing that the job is going to be done properly.

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