Tips for Entertaining the Kids at Easter

Tips for Entertaining the Kids at Easter

Tips for Entertaining the Kids at Easter

The Easter holidays are just a few weeks away now which is fun in many ways. Easter is a lovely holiday to celebrate as a family when you have children. The weather should be pleasant with milder temperatures and more chances of sunshine and hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy more quality time together with your kids during their school holidays too. The Easter break from school is over two weeks long for many so should provide plenty of time to spend together but it can also mean more juggling for working parents with sorting out childcare becoming a big task. It also means that there are many hours to fill and that you will most likely have to come up with some ideas to keep the children entertained over Easter.

Don’t worry about that bit though, as in this article will looks at some tips for entertaining the kids at Easter. We’ll look at fun things that you can do at home as well as some ideas for days out for the family. Let’s get started!

Tips for Entertaining the Kids at Easter
  • Make Easter Decorations

In the run up to Easter, get crafting with the kids and make some colourful Easter decorations together. You can get ready-made sets that include everything you need or look at Pinterest for some ideas that your kids would like. For older kids, you can set up a craft table and let them get creative – a great activity to keep them occupied if you need to get on with some work at home at the same time.

Inflatables are a great way to custom-design your own Easter decorations. Kids will love being able to choose the design, shape, and size of inflatables placed in their front yard. These customized Easter inflatables can vary from imprinted bunnies to colorful Easter eggs, or even silly cartoon characters that represent the joy of Easter. This is a fun activity as it encourages children’s creativity and allows them to have unique Easter decorations. Try crafting out inflatable Easter decorations with your kids this coming holiday season and make some everlasting memories! 

  • Visit a New City

Spring is the perfect time to explore a new city! The warmer (but not too warm) weather is ideal for hopping on a train and visiting somewhere new for the day. A short road trip would work well too of course and is sometimes more convenient with young children, but it all depends on where you’re going and what you’re planning to do. Kids love travelling and love to head out to explore new places, that’s for sure! When travelling via train, make sure to check the off peak train times before you travel to save you some money on your family day trip.

Tips for Entertaining the Kids at Easter
  • Plan Some Fun Outings

Other great days out include visiting a local museum for the morning or the afternoon or, if you fancy a full day out, book a visit to a theme park or zoo. There are quite a few great theme parks and zoos across the country that are great for families. It’s always a good idea to book your tickets in advance online as it’s often cheaper and you might be able to use a discount code or special offer too.

Tips for Entertaining the Kids at Easter
  • Learn Something New Together

The Easter holidays is a great opportunity to take the time to learn something new together as a family whether that’s how to bake something you’ve never made before (how about some healthy Easter biscuits?) or a new sport or outdoor game that you can enjoy together in the garden for years to come. Kubb is a great game like this!

  • Prepare Your Home & Garden for Spring

At this time of the year, many of us are spring cleaning our homes and preparing our gardens or outdoor spaces for summer too. Get the kids involved and make it a fun family project to get everything ready for the Easter festivities and the summer days ahead.

  • Do an Easter Egg Hunt

Of course, Easter is not complete without an Easter egg hunt! If the weather allows, it’s great to do these in the garden but you can have lots of fun hiding Easter eggs all around your house too.

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