Tips for Turning an Old House into a Modern and Stylish Home

Tips for Turning an Old House into a Modern and Stylish Home A Mum Reviews

Tips for Turning an Old House into a Modern and Stylish Home

No matter how charming and appealing older houses might look, it cannot change the fact they are old, and we know that getting older isn’t necessarily a good thing when we talk about houses. As for the structure, foundations get damaged, as do floors and walls, wooden beams need to be re-lacquered and protected, the roof has to be checked, broken roof tiles replaced, not to mention the significance of good plumbing and electrical wiring. In other words, lots of things have to be modernized if you want your old house to stay elegant, nice, and above all, functional.

  • Know your goals

Knowing your initial goals and where you want to go with remodeling plays a huge role in setting up the budget and carefully planning everything else. Do you want to thoroughly renovate part by part or you just want to quickly run through the process by trying to fix the main issues and make your old house at least look presentable? A huge help in making the final decision is knowing how long you plan on staying in the house in the future. If you plan to stay for decades, investing more is worth the effort, but if it’s supposed to be a rental property or if you simply can’t see yourself living there ten years from now, you better not invest a fortune.

Tips for Turning an Old House into a Modern and Stylish Home A Mum Reviews

  • Short-term goals

If you’re only looking to patch things up for the moment, make sure you cover the basics so that you and your family are dry and warm. This means fixing any leaky faucets, making sure the pipes and electrical fixtures are in order, as well as taking care of a thermometer (or a fireplace). Checking the roof for leaks and cracks and clearing guttering can save a lot of issues that can very easily escalate – companies such as Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Portland have made this their specialty, and offer up information on the subject. The main idea is to make sure that your home is water-proof and warm enough during winter, and come spring, you might have more time to take on a bigger project. If you’re planning on raising children in an old house, you should do everything to make sure there isn’t any mold and mildew, and that the rooms stay warm and dry in winter, and cool and dry in summer. If you have any issues like asbestos, make sure to fix that straight away by hiring experts like

  • Long-term goals

If, on the other hand, you’re thinking of making an old house a new modern and stylish home for you and your family, you should think about doing some serious remodeling projects. This might also mean knocking down walls, replacing roof tiles and gutters, repurposing the attic or the basement, and adding another bathroom. Australians have long ago realized that they can do much more with knock down rebuild projects rather than having home additions and makeovers. If you figure out that it’s going to cost a fortune to get the home of your dreams, you might do the same. According to experts specialized in knock down rebuild from Sydney, when you hire the right contractor, rebuilding doesn’t have to be too expensive. This way, you might even be able to save some money in the process.

Tips for Turning an Old House into a Modern and Stylish Home A Mum Reviews

  • What’s actually important

When they move in, people naturally like to think about making the place more elegant and presentable when they should actually try solving more practical problems. Yes, choosing new kitchen tiles is important, but before you get there, you need to find out why is there mold and mildew. Obviously, there is a leak somewhere, and you should find out if it’s a crack in the gutter or if you’re dealing with a broken roof tile or a burst pipe. If light bulbs keep bursting and you keep having electrical problems, perhaps the solution might be to call an electrician and not buy new lamps.

  • Adding new lightning

Speaking of lighting, you should make sure there is plenty of light in your old house. Usually, older houses don’t have enough outlets, so before you install new lightning, you should take care of that problem. Once you ensure that electricity is under control, you can think about different lighting solutions. Even though you might think that a modern home requires modern lamps and chandeliers, it isn’t always the case. Instead of desperately trying to modernize the space, you can keep some of that rustic charm by combining rustic and modern elements: pendant lights with chic white shades and black accents, fixtures with cut-outs, and delicate wall sconces.

For an old house to become a modern and stylish home, it isn’t enough just to paint the walls and get new rugs. It’s going to take a lot of effort and you should be prepared to work hard if you’re hoping to get what you want. That being said, you should remember that just because such a project is ambitious and complicated, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

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