Top Tips for Using a Hair Dryer on Curly Hair

Tips for Using a Hair Dryer on Curly Hair

Top Tips for Using a Hair Dryer on Curly Hair

Using a hair dryer is quite straightforward when you have straight hair or are styling your hair for a straight and sleek look, but it’s a bit more complicated on curly hair.

Lots of people with curly hair let their hair air dry for good curl definition which can work well but it’s not always practical to wait for hours for your hair to dry. You can style your natural curls by using a hair dryer too, achieving beautiful results without the long wait time. Let’s look at some things to consider when using a hair dryer on curly hair.

Tips for Using a Hair Dryer on Curly Hair

Select the Right Dryer

The first step to successful blow drying is to have the best tools. Look for options with different temperature settings and ones that can be used with different attachments, like the BLOW Hair Dryer from mdlondon. Tested, used, and loved by professionals, this is a high-quality, next generation hair dryer that makes hair styling easy and enjoyable at home too.

It’s powerful yet compact and lightweight at just 360g and dries hair quickly. Other features include a cutting-edge DC-brushless technology, variable heat and speed settings, and a generous 3m cable. The BLOW hair dryer is available in three stunning colours (Blush, Blue, and Green) and comes with two directional nozzles included and you can purchase a BLOW diffuser attachment separately which is a must-have for using a hair dryer on curly hair.

Tips for Using a Hair Dryer on Curly Hair

Prepare Your Hair

Once you have your perfect hair dryer and are ready to use it, you need to prepare your hair to protect it from the heat and to get the best results. There are a few steps to this:

  • Use a deep conditioner/hair mask. After you have washed your hair, apply a hair mask/deep conditioning treatment to your hair to lock in moisture. Using a hair dryer removes some of the natural moisture in your hair which can cause frizz if you don’t prepare your hair correctly. If you can, leave the hair mask on for a long time – 30 minutes or more – to thoroughly hydrate your hair. If you feel that your ends are in need of a bit of extra TLC, you can add a bit of hair oil to them at this point too. Next, detangle your hair using a detangling comb like this one, and then rinse the mask off with plenty of water.
  • Gently remove excess moisture. Use a soft cotton t-shirt as a towel to remove excess water from your hair as you don’t want it to be soaking wet when you use your hair dryer. Then add a dollop of leave-in-conditioner to keep your hair manageable. If you can, leave your hair to air dry a little bit before drying your hair with your hair dryer.
  • Apply heat protection. The final step before actually drying your hair with your hair dryer is to apply a thermal heat protectant to your hair to protect your locks from heat damage. These are available in different formulas such as sprays for fine hair and creams for thicker hair.

Vegan Care for Curly Hair

Use Your Hair Dryer the Right Way for Bouncy Curls

For amazing, bouncy curls, use a diffuser attachment for your hair dryer. These disperse the air around the hair which helps prevent frizz and helps maintain your curls’ shape and definition, which is great for enhancing your curly hair. For the best curls, start at the ends of your hair and move upwards towards the roots as you dry your hair. You can also flip your head upside down to add extra volume. Keep drying your hair until it’s nearly dry, but not fully. Leaving your hair dry air dry naturally towards the end will achieve healthier looking curls.

For a bit of extra sheen, add a small amout of hair oil to the ends of your hair when you are done styling your hair with the hair dryer.


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