Top Tips to Take Care of your Gut

Top Tips to Take Care of your Gut A Mum Reviews

Top Tips to Take Care of your Gut

The importance of our gut and gut health have become huge in health and wellness in the past few years. It turns out that it is at the center of our health. Having a healthy or unhealthy gut can impact the way we feel, our immune system, our skin and our digestion. That’s why we need to make sure we take care of our gut, which we can do by adopting simple daily habits.

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Why we Need a Healthy Gut

A healthy gut contributes to the body’s immune function, 70% of our immune system is located in the digestive system. An unhealthy gut usually means that it’s inflamed, which makes us more prone to being ill.

The gut also contributes to good digestion, by breaking down food to spare us from any uncomfortable bloating. Feeling bloated can be a sign of gut inflammation, especially if it causes discomforts and makes it difficult to move.

Your gut contributes to healthy skin as well!  If you’re struggling with breakouts or redness on your skin and you feel like you’ve tried all the skincare products you can find and nothing is working, the issue might come from your gut. Many times skin issues are caused by internal factors, so switching up your diet or taking probiotics can help calm down the inflammation.

Your gut controls your mood and energy. You’ve probably heard before that your gut is like your second brain, they’re constantly sending signals to each other. Basically, a happy and healthy gut, means a happy and healthy you!

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Take Probiotics for a Healthy Gut

We’re also seeing more awareness about probiotic supplements in the UK. These supplements contain different live bacteria, which are going to develop in the gut and boost our gut health. With the busy, modern lifestyle we live, many people tend to have a poor sleep pattern, bad eating habits or high stress levels. Probiotic supplements will feed the gut properly and allow us to have a healthy gut long term.

Probiotics can really improve our health, from the inside out. The easiest way to take probiotics for the first time is to go for a liquid probiotic like Symprove. It’s one of the best ones in the UK, because of how easy it is to take it, and also it’s formulated with powerful ingredients that stay in the gut.

At TheDrug.Store, you can find a full range of gut health supplements, as well other supplements for your other health and wellness needs.

If you’re looking for something that can help to improve your digestion and boost your energy levels, then it would be wise to check out supplements such as Vital Reds. However, you may be wondering, what are Vital Reds? You should always do comprehensive research online before purchasing any supplement to ensure that you know all of the precise details and ingredients of the product to guarantee the most effective results and prevent any potential problems. 

There are also lifestyle changes you can make, which will also contribute to a healthier gut: 

  • A balanced diet

The way we eat massively impacts our gut. Nowadays, we tend to go for the processed foods, and pre-made meals, which usually don’t have the nutrients we need.

Eating more whole, plant foods is essential to keep our gut healthy, as that’s where the essential nutrients for our body are. Eating more fibers will clear the bad bacteria out of your gut. Also eating more fermented, live foods like yoghurt, kefir, kombucha, kimchi… ferments in those foods will keep developing in the gut once they’ve been digested.

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  • Regular exercise

Having a more active lifestyle is good for the gut! Daily and regular exercise support the diversity of microbes in the gut, which will boost our immune function and keep us healthy. Taking a daily walk, or doing about 30 minutes of cardio daily can improve the microbiome and also bring your energy levels up and put you in a happier mood.

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  • Better sleep and less stress

Your stress and cortisol levels have a high impact on your gut. High levels of stress can kill the bacteria in your gut, and affect. Hence why we have butterflies in the stomach when we’re stressed, or when we talk about “a gut feeling”, there is a real impact on the gut when we are affected by those feelings.

Our sleep schedule and a healthy circadian rhythm play a big part in our gut health. Our cortisol level is at the lowest when we sleep and that’s when we give our gut the time to develop the bacteria and stay healthy.

All in all, the gut is really in charge of overall our health and that’s why we must really take care of it. We often read that we need to eat and sleep better, and that we need to exercise. All of this contributes to keeping our gut healthy and alive!

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