Weird Things You Can Fuel Your Car With

Weird Things You Can Fuel Your Car With A Mum Reviews

Weird Things You Can Fuel Your Car With

The UK government are making proposals to ban the sale of new diesel and petrol cars across the country from 2040 which is quite soon! Because of this, car radiators specialist Advanced Radiators have looked at three weird things that you can fuel your car with as quirky alternatives:Weird Things You Can Fuel Your Car With A Mum Reviews

  • Air

How can air possibly be turned into fuel for your car? You don’t even notice it most of the time but when you pop your hand out of a car moving at 70mph that’s a different sensation.

The idea is that you might be able to use compressed air as a fuel source. Indian car company Tata Motors has already tried it by using a tank that’s full of compressed carbon monoxide that sprays out air when functioning. The air can drive a tiny piston engine and the result is that a crankshaft turns and this drives the wheels of a lightweight car.Weird Things You Can Fuel Your Car With A Mum Reviews

  • Algae

Algae can be useful for more things than you think. The smelly green pond substance that amazingly gets turned into delicious seaweed for sushi, could also be a very promising alternative fuel option. There’s loads of it around too in the sea but it can also be farmed very easily in tanks.

The idea is that algae can be used to create a variety of biofuels and the oil that is harvested from algae cells can then be mixed together with other chemicals to establish a source of biodiesel.Weird Things You Can Fuel Your Car With A Mum Reviews

  • Coffee

Delicious coffee fuels many of us every day so why can’t it power our cars too?

Martin Bacon seemed to share this thought when he brought together a charcoal stove, a coffee bean byproduct and a modified gasoline engine that was able to run hydrogen. His invention was a system that used a boiler that transformed the coffee byproduct into a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The latter was being fed into the motor and the result was a modified Ford P100 pick-up that was capable of hitting 65 miles per hour in tests. I wish coffee had that much of an impact on me in the mornings…


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