Weleda Empties: Weleda Skin Food & Weleda Calendula Products

Weleda Empties: Weleda Skin Food & Weleda Calendula Products Review A Mum Reviews

Reviews of my empty Weleda products

Using up a product completely and then buying it again means a product is great and really works for you. I have a few products like that from Weleda that I would like to share with you.

Weleda Baby Calendula Wind and Weather Cream Review:

I’ve been through a few phases in the last few years when my skin has gone really dry from the weather or from harsh skincare products. I bought this cream a couple of years ago when I was having particularly dry skin and nothing seemed to help. It was winter and I was in snowy and freezing Sweden! This cream really saved me back then and soothed and healed my skin. The cream is really greasy and it does make you really shiny for a while but that’s better than really dry skin. I suggest using it as an overnight treatment to help with dryness. Then it doesn’t matter if your face is a bit shiny and sticky.

When my daughter was a newborn I used some of this on her dry hands and feet and it really helped her, too. Lately I’ve been using it as a foot balm/foot treatment. I massage it into my feet after showering, slip on some nice cotton socks and let it work its moisturising magic overnight.

Available from Amazon.co.uk for £6.95.

Weleda Skin Food Review:

I’d read about this cream in many magazines and first purchased it when I was having problems with dry and itchy skin on my face four years ago. Weleda Skin Food was really soothing on my face and helped with the itchiness. It’s a very rich cream that can be used anywhere on your body where you are experiencing dryness. It’s slightly greasy and takes some time to absorb but it really works so that’s not a problem for me. Since I first tried Weleda Skin Food I have repurchased it a few times (whenever I run out). It makes a great multi-purpose cream and I like to keep one on my bedside table for moisturising right before going to sleep. It does wonders for dry hands and cuticles! No wonder this is a cult product in the beauty world! Weleda Skin Food really lives up to its name, too.

Available from Amazon.co.uk for £7.95.

Weleda Baby Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash Review:

I was given this sample in a baby box from a pharmacy and it has become one of my favourite shampoos/body washes for my baby because it’s so gentle and non-drying. It’s creamy and smells lovely, too. I’ve tried it on myself, as a body wash, and it feels really nice on my skin. I need to buy the full size version now!

Available from Amazon.co.uk for £6.94.

Do you use Weleda products? Which one’s your favourite?



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