What are the Best Products for Your Health Needs?

What are the Best Products for Your Health Needs? A Mum Reviews

What are the Best Products for Your Health Needs?

Let’s discuss how to make preventive health care easy and simple. Let’s listen to the body’s signals and get rid of or prevent diseases and discomfort. Having researched the factors that have a great influence on our body, here we will present a small selection of recommendations and products that help take care of our health.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Get An Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow A Mum Reviews

Orthopedic sleep aids

An orthopedic neck support pillow is a product that puts the neck and spine in a physiologically correct position and offers you maximum comfort. The principle of this pillow is that the head and neck form a straight line and are at the same height, so the neck muscles are relaxed for a good night’s sleep without any stiffness to your neck and shoulders in the morning.

The orthopedic properties of the pillow also depend on the pillow’ filler’s filling. Below are the different materials that can be used as fillings for orthopedic pillows:

  • natural latex;
  • memory foam;
  • polyester;
  • polyurethane.

Orthopedic pillows with memory foam are the most popular type. These adapt to the shape of the human body during sleep, and react to the curves of the body of its owner. Sleeping on such a pillow is very comfortable and helps you sleep well all through the night. You can buy pillows like these from the Nygex website.

Good sleep is crucial to our health so you should ensure that your whole bed is comfortable and that your mattress is supportive. An orthopedic mattress consists of convex segments which give the outer surface a wave-like shape. The spine tends to stretch out along the “wave” due to its elasticity. Thus restoring the natural shape of the intervertebral discs, relieving stress caused by vertical pressure on the spine while sitting or walking.

This is thanks to the special filling of the mattress segments – polystyrene granules in the form of balls. They provide a micro-massage of surface elements of the body: 

  • skin, 
  • circulatory system, 
  • intervertebral discs, 
  • lymph nodes, 
  • surface muscles, 
  • nerve nodes. 

The convex on the surface segments of the mattress (about 10 cm wide) provides macromassage of the spine, large muscles of the neck and shoulders, back, pelvis and legs. This two-level massage helps relax all your muscles from neck to feet, helps maintain a healthy blood flow, and contributes to maintaining the spine in the most comfortable condition.

The spaces between “waves” facilitate ventilation of the product giving it an opportunity to “breathe”, so it is comfortable to sleep on this mattress at any time of the year.

3 Reasons Why Every Mum Needs A Smartwatch A Mum Reviews

Devices for body condition monitoring

A smart watch is a popular health tool these days and for lots of good reasons. It’s especially helpful for active people who work out and watch their calories but they can be useful for all people. They tell you how active you have been and how many calories you have burnt and much more:

  • Pulse. The main feature, which is embedded in them to date and is actively used by owners is heart rate monitoring. Smartwatches use visible light and infrared LEDs to monitor heart rhythms, reporting their status to the wearer. Based on heart rate data and its changes, conclusions can be drawn about overall condition and alert the wearer or emergency responders if something goes wrong.
  • Sleep quality. If you don’t take your smartwatch off while you’re sleeping, the sensors will plot it and determine how much time you spent in different phases and how much of that is normal. This way you can not only track your sleep duration, but also determine how well you are sleeping.
  • Smart alarm clock. If the watch monitors sleep anyway, why not make it so that it wakes you up at the most appropriate moment, bringing you out of a sleepy state at the optimum phase. In smart watches, this is implemented by the function of “smart alarm clock” – the gadget selects the right moment in a given time interval.

A smart scale is another handy health tool to have in your home. The main advantage of smart scales is that they can measure not only the weight of the body, but also evaluate its composition. The bioimpedance analysis method is used for this purpose. There are sensors on the scales and when you stand on them with bare feet, the device passes a painless electrical signal through the body. By evaluating the resistance of different tissues, the device determines their percentage or mass in kilograms. Some scales give out only the percentage of fat, while others can also count the amount of muscle and bone tissue, water content and other parameters. Consult your physician and read the instructions carefully before buying and using this product.

What are the Best Products for Your Health Needs? A Mum Reviews

A humidifier is our last recommendation in this article. Humidification devices are designed to control the normal level of humidity in the room and at the same time eliminating the harmful effects of dry air on humans. When the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth are exposed to dry air, they become a breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms. Low humidification can cause other problems too such as dry skin, flaking, irritation, signs of aging, poor concentration, fatigue and dehydration. For plants in your home, the air humidifier is very useful too, contributing to their normal growth and development. 

Be sure to monitor your health indicators and your environment. Simple preventative care can prevent many diseases and encourage good health. Stay healthy!

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