What Opioids Do and Why They Should Be Avoided

The Dark Side Of Poppy: What Opioids Do and Why They Should Be Avoided

Everyone has heard the cautionary tales and have seen the television shows that depict an otherwise good person fall prey to the ways of drug addiction. It may start out innocent enough, with a sports injury or a car accident. Soon, the person is prescribed opioids, and they find that they can’t stop. But what are opioids? And why should they be avoided?

  • What Are They?

Opioids is an umbrella term for drugs that are made from the opium poppy, otherwise known as narcotics, they affect an area in the brain that produces dopamine, a feel-good chemical. When someone ingests the drug, they experience euphoria and pain loss, which makes them highly addictive. There are many different types of opioids, ranging from Vicodin, Morphine, to Heroin. All of these drugs are dangerous, as they’re all very addictive. Developing an Opioid addiction is easy to do, and one could develop such an addiction with just under two weeks of continuous dosing. Many people are prescribed these drugs by their doctor after suffering an injury, for chronic pain management or some other ailment where pain relief is a must. Once someone ingests the drug, they will slowly start to feel a warming sensation, and often will become happier, calmer, and even sleepy. Many people end up “nodding off” while using these drugs, which can cause problems in many circumstances.The Dark Side Of Poppy: What Opioids Do and Why They Should Be Avoided A Mum Reviews

  • The Bad And The Ugly

There are multiple reasons as to why opioids should be avoided at all costs. The first concern with the use of opioids is the addiction risk, as many people end up addicted to this type of drug. It’s arguably the easiest type of drug to get hooked on, with the exception of more readily available substances such as alcohol. Once a user develops an opioid habit, they will begin to need the drug to feel good, and soon they’ll begin to need the drug to feel normal or do daily tasks like getting out of bed. The need for the drug takes over most of their daily lives. Many people who form an opioid habit graduate to other drugs, constantly trying to get higher. Most addictions of this sort end in death for the user, and heartbreak for those around them.

  • Physical Side Effects

While addiction is one serious reason to avoid opioids, another reason is the way the drug could affect one’s body. Those who take this type of drug may experience trouble sleeping, depression, liver failure, constipation, nausea, stomach ulcers, weight loss, and even in some cases psychosis. As with any drug, there are side effects, and there are also long term effects that the drug will begin to take on the body. Too much of anything is a very bad thing, and this is especially true with opioids. Many who take these drugs find that they end up feeling worse with prolonged use, and some may suffer serious ailments and even death due to the use of the drug.

Opioids are a helpful tool in the medical community and help many people. But they’re also dangerous and carry deadly potential. One should try to avoid the use of opioids as much as they possibly could. It’s important to take opioids exactly as they are prescribed and to never use the drug longer than recommended by a doctor. The consequences of opioid use are severe, and could possibly cost you your life if misused.

By Stuart O’Riley.

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