Why Every Digital Nomad Needs a Portable Monitor

Why Every Digital Nomad Needs a Portable Monitor

Why Every Digital Nomad Needs a Portable Monitor

The era of the digital nomad is here to stay. Current research shows there are about 35 million digital nomads worldwide, with 23.2 of them residing in America. Digital nomads have increased by 37 percent since 2022. The ability to work from anywhere has its perks, which is why the trend continues to grow.

If you consider yourself a digital nomad, you’re no stranger to the constraints of a single-monitor laptop. However, with a Mobile Pixels Glance portable monitor for laptop users, these complications can be a thing of the past.

Why Every Digital Nomad Needs a Portable Monitor

What Is a Portable Monitor?

Portable monitors are slim, lightweight screens that can connect to your laptop and give you a second display wherever you are. They’re designed to be easy to travel with and simple to connect, allowing for increased productivity without being tied to a traditional dual-monitor desktop.

Portable monitors are designed to connect to virtually any device, including laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. This makes them such a unique, flexible option for working on the go.

Why Do Digital Nomads Need a Portable Monitor?

A digital nomad is a person who works from any location and uses technology to do their job. Some nomads stay in one place for weeks or months before moving. However, others are in a new city or country more frequently, working in coffee shops, internet cafes, hotel rooms, or shared workspaces.

Digital nomads thrive on the ability to pick up and travel to a new location while still being able to work. Adding a portable monitor to your lifestyle will only make this process more manageable because of the many benefits you’ll notice.

  • Rugged and Durable

Portable monitors are designed to travel. This makes them great to pack and take anywhere you go. Your monitor is lightweight but can withstand the use and abuse that constant packing and unpacking can cause on gadgets.

  • Extra Screen Space

Traveling with a laptop is convenient but somewhat limiting regarding your display space. If you need more workspace but want to keep your thin, lightweight laptop, a portable monitor is the perfect way. You’ll instantly double your screen space without adding a ton of extra bulk to your luggage.

  • Easy Setup

As a digital nomad, you likely don’t want to spend 30 minutes setting up your workspace every time. Many portable monitors are plug-and-play, giving you an almost instant setup. There aren’t multiple power sources, long cables, or complicated installations.

  • Space Saving Option

Do you prefer to stay in small spaces like hotel rooms or hostels? If so, you understand the importance of space saving. A portable monitor allows you to have a ton of extra workspace without taking up much more space. The Glance is 0.2 inches thick and weighs only 2.1 pounds; you’ll hardly notice you added it to your bag.

  • Built-In Features

Since the idea of a portable monitor is compact, simple technology you can travel with, most of the options on the market come with various built-in features. If you have a lot of components to plug into your laptop, you’ll benefit from the extra ports the Glance has. Built-in speakers and a headphone jack add to the perks of bringing this monitor with you on your next trip.

  • Bigger Display

The ability to connect your portable monitor to your smartphone or other smaller devices can be a significant perk for digital nomads. Instead of catching up on your favourite shows on your tiny phone screen, you can watch them on your portable monitor. Do you have a Nintendo Switch? The Glance connects to those, too, giving you a bigger screen to play your favourite video games on.

Why Every Digital Nomad Needs a Portable Monitor

Portable Monitors: The Digital Nomad’s Best Friend

The uptick in freelance work, remote jobs, and content creators has caused digital nomads to become more common than before. These traveling workers are all about the freedom to work where they want. Invest in a portable monitor if you’re a digital nomad who craves more productivity so you can enjoy the perks of a dual-monitor desktop with the benefit of easy travel.

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