Why Should You Choose Shaker-Style Fitted Kitchens

Why Should You Choose Shaker-Style Fitted Kitchens A Mum Reviews

Why Should You Choose Shaker-Style Fitted Kitchens

The shaker-style is a classic design for fitted kitchens. Good looks and high functionality are the key reasons behind the design, retaining its popularity even after so many years of its evolution. 

What Is A Shaker-Style Kitchen? 

The name is derived from a religious group from the early eighteenth century, the Shakers. They lived in England, and later after they broke away from the Quakers, they shifted to New York across the ocean and eventually settled down in New England. They were known for their simple and minimalist lifestyle and believed that everything should have a practical purpose in life.

They emphasized living for the community, and their communal kitchens — spacious and practical — lent its name to the Shaker-style kitchens. 


Reasons for Choosing a Shaker-Style Fitted Kitchen

Now that you know its origins, here is why you should choose this style for your kitchen.

  • Simple Layout

Shaker-style kitchen has a straightforward layout, aimed at maximizing efficiency. It is fuss-free, and its minimalist approach allows you to make the best use of available space. 

Shaker-style kitchens have recessed paneling. The design has clean lines and makes for a practical setting. Since it does not involve complicated design, no matter the size or shape of your kitchen, the shaker-style will be a perfect fit.

Contemporary modular kitchens have shaker-style kitchens to thank for, for the best utilization of space. 

Why Should You Choose Shaker-Style Fitted Kitchens A Mum Reviews
  • Reduces Time And Effort

The shaker-style kitchen will reduce the time and effort spent on kitchen activities because the design aims at reducing clutter. This means there is hardly anything to distract you, and all your kitchen utilities are perfectly organized. 

Modern shaker-style kitchens have evolved to incorporate appliances in the space. They have deep drawers and better storage solutions. 

Islands are also a common phenomenon in most fitted kitchens today. With similar paneling and design elements, you can seamlessly blend a landing island with your Shaker-style kitchen, too. 

  • Easy To Clean

Shaker-style fitted kitchens have curved edges to minimize risks of injuries when you are furiously involved in kitchen activities. Smooth and round edges also result in quick and easy cleaning. There is no excess dust accumulation in nooks and crevices. 

Why Should You Choose Shaker-Style Fitted Kitchens A Mum Reviews
  • Easy On Your Pocket

Shaker-style kitchens should be your first preference if you have a fixed budget. There are no unnecessary frills, intricate designs, or unnecessary patterns in this kind of kitchen. Hence, you don’t have to fret about spending money on superfluous elements.

  • Ample Storage Space

The fitted kitchens focus on ample storage space, with deep cabinets, drawers, and shelves. Their classic and timeless approach to design makes it for both U-shaped and L-shaped galley layouts. In contrast, if you want an open layout kitchen, the shaker-style will give you maximum floor space. 

  • Versatile Design 

The shaker-style fitted kitchen will go with whatever interior design theme you have in mind for your home. If you want a cozy look for your home, you can install your shaker-style kitchen with hardwood paneling and warm colours. 

If you prefer sleek lines and bold patterns, you can still incorporate those elements with the fuss-free shaker style. The traditional shaker-style kitchens use high-quality wood, like cherry, maple, or pine, and they add a touch of class to your kitchen.

With some add-ons like fixtures and lighting, you can have a highly functional yet stylish kitchen without spending much.

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