Wicked Uncle Toys Review – Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run

Wicked Uncle Toys Review – Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Review A Mum Reviews

Wicked Uncle Toys Review – Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Review

Have you ever struggled to find a gift for someone? I’m sure you have! Buying for kids can be difficult too, especially if you don’t have children yourself or if your own kids are much younger or older than the child you’re buying for. No need to worry, Wicked Uncle has you covered!

Wicked Uncle is much more than just a toy shop it’s more like a present service for birthdays, Christmas and all other occasions when you need a gift for a child. Unlike most toy shops, Wicked Uncle is not aimed at parents but instead there to help friends and relatives like uncles, aunts, grandparents and godparents to find the perfect gift for children of all ages.

The website makes it really easy to browse suitable gifts for other people’s children or your own if you need a bit of inspiration! The toys are divided into age and gender as these are things that the gift giver knows about the child but many children don’t conform to gender stereotypes (my own girls play with all kinds of toys!) and if you want to see all toys for each age group, you simply choose “All” instead of one of the genders. There’s also a Big Kidz range and a baby range but you can browse all the products in one go without narrowing the search down by age too if you wish.

Wicked Uncle Toys Review – Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Review A Mum Reviews

There’s also a search bar so if you already have something in mind, you can use this. There are also different categories as well as “Popular” and “New” products.

“Whether you know the recipient really well, or they are just a random child from your kid’s class at school, the many ways you can search our site means that the perfect gift is just a few clicks away. We personally test out every product before we stock it; we build the kits, play the games, bake the rainbow cakes, blow the giant bubbles, and test drive the remote-control spiders! We pride ourselves on our collection of fun, interesting and unusual toys, books and games; a lot of our stock you just won’t find elsewhere.” Wicked Uncle
When shopping with Wicked Uncle, you can also choose to add colourful gift wrap, and even select a card design to be handwritten by the Wicked Uncle Elves for that personal touch. You can also set up reminders to get an email when you have a child’s birthday coming up so that you never miss a birthday again and don’t need to buy last minute gifts! Very clever!

Wicked Uncle Toys Review – Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Review A Mum Reviews

Hape Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Review

We’ve been looking at marble runs for the children for a while so I searched for “marble run” and found the stunning Quadrilla Marble Run Construction by Hape (£29.95). I really like Hape toys so was thrilled to find this toy on Wicked Uncle.

Hape make sturdy, good quality toys that are fun and stylish. Quadrilla is no different it’s a high quality wooden marble run construction system which is ideal for beginners. Hape also make other marble run sets that you can use to add to this one but this is a great starter set!

Wicked Uncle Toys Review – Quadrilla Pieces

This set includes lots of fun pieces to get you started 9 blocks in different colours, each of which has a different route for the marbles to pass through, 2 curved rails, 1 fascinating spiral roundabout funnel, 30 coloured marbles, 7 smaller blocks, 3 small slides and 1 propeller. You also get a cloth bag to store your marbles in as we all know you don’t want to lose your marbles!

It’s suitable from age 4 years and onward but younger kids can enjoy it too they might just need a bit of help building the different designs before playing.

Wicked Uncle Toys Review – Quadrilla Instructions

This set comes with instructions for how to build three different marble runs but you can of course free-style and come up with your own ideas too. The step-by-step instructions are very easy to follow and shows each design very well.

When you’re done, simply drop two marbles (or loads if you’re my kids!) into the top and watch them race down different paths down to the bottom.

Wicked Uncle Toys Review – Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Review A Mum Reviews

The award-winning Quadrilla is crafted with heirloom quality birch and rubber wood and is the world’s only kinetic marble run. I’m so happy we’ve come across this marble run it’s truly a beautiful toy that provides lots of long-lasting fun as well as develops important STEM skills.

Next time you need a gift for a child, head to Wicked Uncle to find something fun and unique!

Did you know Wicked Uncle also has a USA website? Click here to find out more.

We were sent a voucher to try out this service. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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